Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most favorite drinks across the globe. More than half of American adults drink it every day. It is well known that coffee can reduce weight, but that is if consumed appropriately. Unfortunately, the majority of coffee drinkers are drinking it the coffee store way – coffee with lots of sugar. Adding excess sweetener to your coffee may reduce its capacity to reduce weight and probably even add more weight to what you have got in excess already.

It’s no secret that 70% of Americans are overweight, almost half of these people are obese. Hence, any drink that can help reduce weight is surely welcome in the United States. If coffee is not working because we are not drinking it right, then maybe all we need to do to shed the excess fat is to re-examine the way we drink our coffee. The drink has got the potential. It can be the savior if we do the right thing. This article will look at a better way to drink coffee so that we can get the best out of it. It discusses ten ways you can make your coffee healthier and more beneficial. 

  • #1: Take it Black or Use Natural Sweetener 

The World Health Organization recommends daily consumption of less than 25 g of sugar for an adult, anything more can add to your weight. But you may be surprised to hear that some cups of coffee you buy in coffee stores may have as much as over 60 g of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Consuming that every day can make you add up to 10 pounds in a month. What a calamity. One of your aims for drinking coffee is to reduce your weight, so it will be counter-productive if it is adding more weight.

To avoid this, it is always better to drink coffee black. But if you want sweetener, don’t use refined sugar or any artificial sweetener. Go for natural sweeteners, and do not add too much. A little natural sweetener should be sufficient to make your coffee healthier.

  • #2: Choose Full-Fat Cream over Artificial Creamer

Just like artificial sweeteners, artificial creamers are also dangerous to health, yet that is what many use for their coffee. Creamers containing hydrogenated oils are never the best for health. The same goes for creams made from corn syrups solid. Rather than artificial creamer, go for full-fat creams which are highly beneficial to health. Full fat creams are rich in vitamin K2 and conjugated linoleic acid. This cream has been proven to help in weight loss and also in the prevention of cancer and heart problems.

  • #3 Use Quality Coffee Beans

Coffee farming is a big business and many artificial manures are used to help it grow. While growing, it also attracts a lot of pests, making it to be constantly sprayed with pesticides. With all this, most of the coffee beans you buy out there are far from being organic. To drink healthy, always go for organic beans. Although that might cost more than the conventional ones, the health benefits would worth the extra money spent.

  • #4: Use Filtered Water

That might be a surprise, right? But we know water could be of different quality. Unfortunately, many people do not care about the quality of the water they use to brew their coffee. If you are to take a cup of coffee every day, then it would be best to put the quality of the water into consideration. Always use filtered water to make your coffee.

  • #5. Add an Antioxidant

Make your coffee a cup of medicine by adding cinnamon, a well-known antioxidant. Cinnamon is a spice, and it tastes great. Putting a pinch of it in your coffee will add to its taste but most importantly, its health benefits. 

Cinnamon is effective in lowering the sugar level in the blood, hence preventing diabetes.

  • #6: Don’t Drink Coffee While Fasting

Eating before drinking coffee is highly recommended. Even though many will prefer to start their days with a cup of coffee, it has been confirmed to lower the energy available for the cells. Coffee contains caffeine and the body reacts to caffeine by releasing the hormone called insulin. This hormone converts blood sugar to glycogen, hence without any food in, you will be left depleted. To avoid this, ensure you always eat before you drink your coffee.

  • #7: Collagen Will Be Great in Your Coffee

Collagen has a high content of amino acid glycine, hence, many health benefits. The most significant is its ability to repair the tissues. It can also reduce inflammation and joint pain. Since collagen granules can successfully be added to coffee then take advantage of this and make your drink healthier.

  • #8: Grass-Fed Butter Will Also Make it Healthier

Adding grass-fed butter to your coffee has many health benefits. First, grass-fed butter is rich in vitamin K2 which will help increase your calcium absorption, strengthen your bones and prevent heart diseases. Grass-fed butter is also rich in vitamin A that is necessary for good vision, healthy bones, teeth, and skin, and reproduction, and boosting the body’s immune system. Other benefits of grass-fed butter include a high content of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), beta carotene, and unsaturated fatty acids. Fortunately, grass-fed butter is easy to add to coffee, and if you get globs you can always blend the coffee with a handheld blender. So why wouldn’t you just add it and enjoy all the benefits?

  • #9: Oil Your Coffee With Coconut Oil

Just like grass-fed butter coconut oil contains unsaturated fatty acids and many health benefits. The oil is known for reducing weight and aid digestion. But it even has more functions that you will love. Coconut oil is believed to be able to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Adding a little of this oil to your morning coffee will improve the taste of your drink, help you lose weight, and prevent many diseases.

  • #10 Add Small Organic Cocoa to Your Coffee

Many people love chocolate but you may not like the sweetness of chocolate. But you can get all the benefits of cocoa by adding organic cocoa to your coffee. Make sure the cocoa is unsweetened. The addition of a small quantity of cocoa to your coffee every morning can help prevent heart diseases and reduce the chance of having cancer.

Alternatives to Coffee

Not all of us want caffeine. If you want to avoid caffeine and still enjoy coffee-like tastes, there are some alternatives to coffee that you can go for. Among these alternatives are Teecino and Chofy. Both are brewed similarly to coffee and even have tastes that are better than that of coffee. They are also free of caffeine.

The Take-Away

Many people drink coffee every day and it could be of great health benefits especially in reducing body weight. However many coffees from the shops have too much sugar and other artificial ingredients that may make them even more harmful than they are beneficial. To get the best from your coffee it is ideal to take coffee black or brew it yourself. 

If you prepare your own coffee, you can use a little natural sweetener and full cream. You can also add antioxidants like cinnamon and unsaturated fats like grass-fed butter and coconut oil. Additives like collagen and cocoa will also make your coffee healthier. When brewing your coffee always use quality beans and filtered water and always ensure you eat before you drink coffee.


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️