The liver is necessary for detoxification, drug metabolism, nutrient absorption, and many other functions. If we leave this vital organ unchecked, it may eventually fail completely. Here are eleven warning signs that your liver is in trouble, especially if ignored.

1.      Jaundice

Jaundice occurs when waste accumulates in our bodies and bile pigment enters our bloodstream. This is more of an issue with infants, but it can also happen to adults. This should be taken seriously as a warning sign that something is wrong with your liver.

2.      Bloated Ankles

Gravity causes fluid to build up in the lower extremities of the body, such as the feet, when there is an issue with the liver, heart, or kidney.

3.      Appetite Changes

While appetite changes can be caused by a variety of factors, your liver can also play a role. You will lose your appetite if your liver is failing. Alternatively, if you’re eating normally but noticeably losing weight, you can also seek medical advice.

4.      Diarrhea

This is a very common symptom of liver disease. In fact, if you have loose bowel movements, you should not disregard them.

5.      Strange Bruises

The liver produces the proteins needed for blood clotting. Protein levels drop when the liver is in trouble, making swelling and bleeding more common.

6.      Intense Exhaustion

You may have liver issues if you feel exhausted every day at an irregular pace. When waste builds up in the liver, oxygen levels drop, leaving us exhausted all of the time.

7.      Dark Urine

Examining your urine before flushing is a perfect way to assess your liver’s health. You can see a doctor if your urine is dark and your stools are lighter than normal. Dark urine can occur for a number of reasons, one of which is liver damage.

8.      Right Shoulder Pain

Pressure in your right shoulder can be caused by liver problems, which you would not anticipate. When there is cancer in the liver and a tumor is developing, this is normally the case. When a tumor grows in size, it puts a lot of pressure on the nerves around it. If your pain is caused by a problem with your liver, putting pressure on your stomach can cause hiccups.

9.      Belly Pain

If the pain is limited to your right ribs, you should seek medical advice. It’s possible that the source of your discomfort is your liver.

10. Throwing Up Regularly

When our livers malfunction, our bodies have a much harder time processing foods and liquids. Our digestive systems would be placed under as a result of this. It can make your stomach feel sick and bloated, in addition to the pain. You’ll eventually be throwing up on a regular basis.

11. Changing Personality

More toxins build up in our bloodstream as our livers fail, and these toxins flow to our brain. This makes it difficult to focus and causes us to forget things. Rapid shifts in sleeping patterns are also possible.