Sitting for a long time may relax the hips muscles, and if it occurs too frequently, it might lead to tight hips. But sitting is not the only cause of tight hips, bad posture, sleeping on one side of the body for too long, a structural imperfection in the pelvis, and a sedentary lifestyle are among other causes of tight hips. Tight hips can also be a consequence of injury or instability of the joints.

Tight hips put more loads on the backbones, which may cause back pain as well as pelvis pain. It also decreases mobility and causes difficulty in performing some activities like doing yoga or riding a bicycle.

Hip joints are among the movable joints in the body. They also permit movement in all directions. They are hence assisting the lower parts of the body in moving. The joints also support the pelvis as well as the body weight. However, if hip movement does not occur as it should, it may lead to a decrease in hip mobility, making the hip flexor to be tight. Although loose hips may have their own disadvantages, tight hips are not desirable.

However, tight hips can be opened by simple exercises. Here we will discuss 13 exercises that can help open the hips. If you have tight hips, these 13 hip openers will be very beneficial for you. If you find all of them comfortable you can do them one after the other, otherwise, you can just pick one and concentrate on it. 

#1 Hug your Leg and hold for six breaths

Lie on your back and stretch your legs. Then hug your right knee and bring it close to your chest. Remain in the position and take six breaths. Put the legs back and switch sides.

#2 Criss-Cross sitting

Sit on the floor and cross your legs such that your right shin is in the front. Then stretch your hands on the floor in front of the legs. With your body bending over the hips, first, move the two hands along the floor to the left side and keep it there while you take three breaths to the right sides. Then walk the hands to the other side and breath three times to your left side. Finally, lift your heads. You can repeat the exercise several times.

#3 The Wiper

Seat and bend your knees while your feet are on the floor. Put your hands at the back of your hips and slowly drop your knees from one side to the other while the hips remain still.

#4 Modified Pigeon

Lie on your back and place your feet flat on the floor. Then lift your right leg and put the right ankle on the left thigh. Keep it there for 30 seconds.

#5 Stand, Bend and Hold

Stand perfectly upright. Then bend down such that your left knee forms an angle of 90 degrees, and your right foot goes back. Touch the floor with all your fingertips and hold for five breaths. Stand erect again and then repeat the procedure five times before switching legs.

#6 Lungs Twisting

Have the left foot flat on the floor, and the right stretched to the back. Put the left hand on the floor and raise the right-pointing up. Hold for five breaths and switch sides.

#7 Figure Four Sitting

Sit on your backside, placing your hands and feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. Then place your right ankle on your left thigh and lean forward, moving your chest close to your knees. Stay like that for 30 seconds and then switch legs.

#8 Pyramid Posture

Place your hands and toes on the floor while your hips point towards the ceiling. Hold for five breaths before putting the heels to the ground. Repeat three times.

#9 Pyramidal Posture with a Leg Raised

Place your hands and toes on the floor while your hips point towards the ceiling. Gently put the heels to the ground and lift the left leg up towards the ceiling. Bend the left knee and point it towards the ceiling. Keep it there for five breaths, then bring it down and switch sides.

#10 Squatting

First, stand with your hands stretched fully forward, then squat, keeping the hands stretched. Hold for a minute and stand again. You can put a prop under the heels to raise the heels. Repeat the exercise as many times as you can bear.

#11 Pigeon

Bend your knee at any angle from 45 degrees to 90 degrees while you stay on the floor. Then rotate the hips such that the pelvis becomes square, and the knee is pointing towards the floor. Let your chest remain up and keep it that way for 30 seconds before switching sides.

#12 Camel Posture

Knee down and keep the toes touching the floor. Then place your hands at your lower back and press your pelvis forward. Remain in the position for five breaths, then stretch your hands touching the heels. You can repeat the procedure three times before taking a rest.

#13 Fog Posture

Rest on your hands and knees with the knees separated as much as possible while your toes are pointing sideways. Then gradually lower your body such that your arms rest on the floor. Then lift your body straight up again and hold for a minute. Repeat several times.


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️