Dear ones, something I have seen and experienced recently indicates loneliness. What’s it, and what does it represent for people, particularly to women over 50?

Loneliness does not only mean to be alone. Even when you’re married or surrounded by a lot of people, you can still feel lonely. You may feel lonely when you’re harassed at work or yearn for knowledge, but you may not have the means or resources to escape feeling like this.

After I learned that adults in America report feeling lonely, more than 40% of them, I deliberated on how I could talk about this on my blog? I know that I have felt lonely. I’m sure many of you here have. Albeit I’ve actually written about loneliness before, I think that this is a topic that should be discussed in detail and regularly.

Ways to Fight Loneliness

One way I think we can fight loneliness after 50 is to become more active in our neighborhoods. Some weeks ago, a friend very dear to me composed a guest blog about the rhythm of her new life after 50. She talked about a new activity that she has grown fond of, called “birding.” 

She goes out into nature and to find all sorts of birds. That is to say, she’s into bird watching. I’d no idea there was such a thing as “birding” until I went through her article. However, dear ones, things like birding are ways that people can find joy after 50+! This way we can dive into a new hobby or interest and even make new friends.

Activities You Can Take Part in

Did you know that art & healing go together? In the last few years, more and more studies have shown a connection between art and its use as some kind of medicine. How can it mend the brain and keep the loneliness away?

This research sheds light on why the list I will now present to you includes different art forms. Art and creative industries not only inspire the mind to work, but they can also inspire the community. From dancing to arranging flowers to painting — art heals and ignites new relationships. Or it can bring back a little flare into a relationship you already have.

Arranging Flowers 

I spotted this concept and thought: Yes, this is amazing! Have you ever attended a flower arranging course? Perhaps you’re interested in gardening but never knew how to organize your beautiful flowers. Or maybe you just want to figure out a pleasant way to beautify your environment. 

Flowers can add a lot of joy and life to an area. And you know what? You can give flowers to yourself! I see it as one of the best gifts you can give yourself. You don’t have to wait for that vase to fill. Arranging flowers is a great way to get your creativity out and have little effect. You can make use of Google to locate classes in your vicinity or ask any local florist if they offer one. I know of different coffee shops that offer such classes for one night at a cheap price. This is a simple activity that will lift your spirit.

Singing Classes or Groups

I know it can be scary using your voice, but singing is a great way to connect your body, soul, and mind. Lots of churches and communities offer singing lessons to people above 50. It’s a nice way to bond with other women and men in your area. Also, you get to use your voice in an inspiring way not to only you but other people around you. Let the sensations of your voice fill up your heart!

Community Art Classes

They’re a wonderful way to meet new people in your area. So many classes are available to pick from, like painting, pottery, watercolor, stain glass making, and a lot more. 

Dear readers, have you ever tried taking a stained glass class? I think that sounds like a very entertaining time. I’ve never tried it before! Not only is your participation in an art class beneficial but can also help you learn a skill or improve an existing one. 

Heal the soul and make a new friend! Not to mention the fact that you can have new artwork made by your own hands, which you can place in your home. Check out your local libraries, colleges, and community centers for classes. They aren’t hard to find!

Physical Activities

There are many physical activities women over 50 can try like Tai Chi, yoga, boxing, dancing, meditation, and group swimming. I recently took up boxing, and I enjoyed it a lot. Afterward, I not only feel stronger but also feel complete. 

Feeling wonderful and fit in your body is the ideal method to fight loneliness. I know it sounds bizarre, but the mind and body work together. If we don’t feel strong in our bodies, we definitely won’t feel strong in our hearts. 

A group class helps you stay active. You learn something new, e.g. dancing, and also get to experience it with others. Find out what inspires you, and join a class in your vicinity today! You won’t regret it.

Learn a New Language

I don’t believe the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” I believe we can learn new things at every phase of our life and have fun doing it. The world is changing all the time, dear readers. 

For those living in big cities, I’m sure languages you’ve neither heard nor understand are all around you. In the entirety of my travels, language is something that I have come to cherish. 

What better approach to awakening the mind and remain intellectually fit than to gain knowledge of a new language? That’ll keep the neural pathways working, and it might motivate you to travel to the country of the language you’ve learned. Locate language courses online or at your community colleges.

Join A network of Women

The activities I listed above are only a taste, dear ones — there are a lot of things you do and enjoy in life. Whether you’re 50 or 80, special days await you. There are new people out there ready to meet you and listen to your stories. We all want to have an enjoyable experience in life, and what could be better than going out there and trying everything we can?

Loneliness doesn’t need to be something we experience regularly or alone, my dear ones. We can get through this life together.

With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️