I understand that as a Baby Boomer woman, the pressure of our work, family, and everyday life over the years often means that our health and well-being, our time spent taking care of ourselves, can be lost in this mix-up.

It’s easy to postpone doing things by saying, “I don’t have the time for that now”, or “I’ll get back to that.” Whether you’ve had difficulty burning those extra weights and preventing it by dieting or if you just happen to gain weight, the problem is the same.

How do we convince ourselves to decide and commit to being healthier and ultimately attain success with our wellness goals?

At a younger age, our metabolism was probably a lot higher than what it is now. Then we gain weight that easily and we could burn off the fat without much effort. At that age, we didn’t have a problem with irregular eating habits.

However, if you’re a Baby Boomer woman, you’re definitely like carrying around excessive weight. Those extra weights might mean a future where your physical activities are limited, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and perhaps an early death. That’s not a way to spend what’s left of your life.

As you reminisce on your life I’m sure there are some goals you’ve achieved. Assuming you can create a future where your #1 goal is good health. What has to happen in order for you to reach there?

Here are four essential keys to reaching your goal:

Work out what you want. How you wish to spend the rest of your life. Be concrete and clear. Do you desire to be more fit physically? Do you want extra energy and liberation for a long time? How much weight do you wish to shed? What if it’s possible for you to get what you want? I know you can.

Make a list of everything you will receive as a result of achieving your goal. This will motivate and inspire you on your way. What will you be able to do, have, be, if you lose that weight and be more fit?

Decide to get what you want and be committed to doing whatever it takes. Take that decision now and not later. In the end, you’re in control of your health and weight. It’s time to create time. Don’t procrastinate your good health any-more. Imagine how your life will be if you don’t make your health a priority.

Take action. There are lots of ways to be healthy and to lose weight. Whether with a weight loss center, a weight loss trainer, online support, or friends—find out, which one best suits you. Decide what little steps you’ll take along the way, always keeping your health goal in mind.

Imagine yourself as a Baby Boomer Ricochet! With persistent effort, you’ll keep returning to your goal until you’ve finally reached your healthy and perfect body. Be tenacious, committed, and steady. It’ll be worth it. You can congratulate yourself when reminiscing about your life knowing you did all it took. You have taken time for yourself, attained fitness, and became a good example for others to follow.

With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️