In America, you have become a senior if you are up to 60. Maybe it is the same everywhere across the globe. Who wouldn’t call a 60-year-old mum a senior? But if you don’t want to count your days, we’ve got some agencies that will count it for you. The AARP, for instance, will remind you that you have qualified for the health advantages with their numerous letters. It is so, worrying, if not annoying, that someone I have never met is counting my days for me. But should I be happy that I am getting closer to 60 or be concerned?

We grow old every day, but most of us don’t want to be reminded. Then when we clock 60, the status will change. Some will even change overnight. Showing all characteristics of old age. So, being a senior means being old. At least, that was what I used to believe. Today, I have a different opinion.

There are many seniors that cannot be considered as being old. Yes, they are above 60, and we cannot deny that. But they are not old fashioned, idle, or retired from active life. Yes, you might have retired from work, but you are still full of ideas and passion to make an impact. Having spent 60 years on earth must have exposed you to many scenarios. You have learned a lot. Now you want to use your knowledge to make your community better. You are 60, but still full of life. You are radiant, healthy, and youthful in character. You still have many dreams and want to see them fulfilled. If all these describe you, then you are not alone. I’ve got many clients like you, who are embracing a vibrant life at 60. 

But if you wish to make your seniorhood vibrant and lively, but you are not sure about what to do, you are also not alone. Many are like you with dreams and aspirations. They have got ideas and zeal, but they are not sure how to channel their energy. They get confused. They don’t know the best way to get things done.

Relax, you can still make the rest of your years memorable. Redefine yourself, and create a better you. This will help you to fully understand yourself, recognize what you are passionate about, and be more focused on your dreams. I know that you have got many ideas, so think about them all, and choose one that appeals to you most. Decide what you wish to get from the chosen idea. At this stage of your life, nothing should limit you again. So, just do what will make you happy. Break all barriers. Do things people think are not possible. As long as you are happy and will make you feel fulfilled. Just do it.

The more you attempt seemingly impossible things and imagine them being possible the more thrilled you will be. The more you will love life. Be optimistic. Create possibilities in your imagination and attempt them in real life. Embrace the outcome. Relax, celebrate, laugh out loud, keep yourself happy. Keep on doing those things that bring real joy to you. And do it every day. You will soon realize how soon it will become part of you. 

Now you are a senior. Be happy about it.

With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️