If you have never tried Yoga before, you may not realize how important it is for the body, mind, and soul. Not only is yoga beneficial for the body, but it also helps the brain and the mind. Another good thing about this physical activity is that it can be done by people of all ages and physical forms. So, even at old age, you can still practice Yoga. Even those in wheelchairs, either for old age or because of physical disability, still practice Yoga. If you have never done it before, you may think it is a difficult form of exercise. Of course, Yoga requires flexibility and might be strenuous at the beginning, but once you get into it, you will find it perfectly easy. 

That Yoga has been around for over 5000 years is enough reason to believe that it works. Professionals recommend yoga to people for different reasons. These reasons may be as simple as building endurance and improving strength. It could be to improve your balance, free the joints, and make you more flexible. But it could also be for purposes that are not physical like relieving stress and lowering blood pressure. So, what are the benefits of Yoga, and what are the best ways to add it to our regular activities?

Yoga for the Body

Yoga involves certain posture and movement of parts of the body among many other things. There are different types of Yoga and the type you practice will determine the speed at which you move your body parts. But whatever the type of yoga you practice, you will surely build your strength, lose weight, increase your body flexibility, your balance, and posture. If you are still young, it can help you attain and maintain a good shape. For the seniors, yoga involves exercises that focus on balance, hence it will help them maintain balance, increase mobility, and decrease the chance of falling. If the kind of Yoga you choose concentrates on a particular movement, it might help to develop the body parts involved in that movement. In general, yoga is good for the physical health of people of all ages.


Yoga for the Mind

Yoga is not only for the body, it also has a lot of mental benefits. Practice Yoga for an improved mindset. It involves maintaining a certain posture for a period. It also involves a special way of breathing and other activities that can bring calmness and endurance. When you are practicing yoga, you will learn how to be focused and be mindful. In this way, it trains you to focus on things that are important and not get carried away by distraction. And by raining calmness, it helps reduce stress and anxiety. Both young and old can use yoga to refine the state of their minds


Yoga for the Soul

Yoga was developed by a religious body, so it is not surprising that it targets more than the physical world. It doesn’t matter what you believe, yoga will help you get calmness, see life beyond what is happening in your surroundings. Yoga will teach you not to worry about things that you cannot control and focus on things within your power. It will help you find inner peace, joy, as well as strength. It will make you soulful.

The beginning of your yoga practice might be difficult and strange. You may need to master some movements and push your body beyond what it is used to but by enduring, constant practice, and dedication, you will soon find it easy and highly beneficial.

Yoga for Everyone

Yoga is good for all people irrespective of the age. Just as it is ideal for teenagers the same way it is good for grandmothers. At old age, you may discover that your body can even possess more flexibility than how you were at your younger age. That is because constant yoga will perfectly train your body part irrespective of your age. It will give seniors more mobility and balance, and the postures involved in yoga is perfect for everybody. The calmness trained by yoga is ideal for young people to learn patience and how to be focused. When you start yoga when you are young, like any other physical exercise, it will help you build a great shape, shed excess fat, and be physically fit. Because there are many sitting posture in yoga, it means even people that are physically challenged can practice and benefit from it. Generally, yoga is for anybody, and there is no time that it is too late to start it.

  • Yoga can help you in all of the following ways
  • It gives you a good relaxation 
  • Yoga will make you soulful
  • With regular yoga sessions, you maintain a good body balance and improved mobility
  • Yoga makes your joints more flexible
  • It builds strength
  • Yoga helps to relieve stress and gives you a better mood
  • It promotes calmness and endurance
  • By helping you to relax, yoga can make you sleep better
  • Yoga can improve the health condition of people suffering from health problems, arthritis, and back pain
  • It also has mental benefits and helps to refine the mind
  • If you join a yoga class it will connect you with other people in your community


How to be a Yogi

There are many ways to start practicing yoga. Thanks for technology. You can go online to search for videos of yoga practices. Most of the videos are easy to follow. Hence you can stay in your home and practice. In that case, you will need a mat and strap to ensure smooth activities. Alternatively, you can look for a yoga class around you. This will enable you to have a trainer that you can interact with face-to-face. Whatever option you choose, you will still achieve a great result from yoga. The earlier you start the better. But it is also essential that you keep to your schedule. You will get the best out of yoga if you practice it regularly.


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️