Getting old may have an impact on your memory. It may also affect your other cognitive functions like speech. But as baby boomers, there is nothing we can do to not get old. The majority of us are 65 already. Others are turning 65 very soon. So, we may decide to take action to prevent any problem affecting our brain. It is not uncommon to see retirees getting regular exercise, avoiding some kind of food, and changing life habits. While all these are good, we should be careful with the way we exercise.  We must know that if we are concerned about our brain, then we must avoid any action that may make us fall as that may be detrimental to the brain.

How bad is a fall really is for a senior? …

Certainly very bad. Every day over 100 old people are dying in the United States for this cause. So you wouldn’t want your attempts to keep yourself healthy to eventually lead to your death. Therefore, when exercising, ensure you maintain your balance. No matter the type of exercise you choose. Put balancing first. By being balanced, you will avoid falling and prevent your brain from being damaged. To increase your balance, focus on exercises that will build your muscles, as they are important for maintaining balance. So what are the exercises to promote our balance?

First, ensure you are safe.

The first thing to do when planning your exercise session is to ensure that you are safe. What I mean is that take precautions to prevent falling and damaging your brain. When you want to exercise, do it close to the wall so that you can get support from it. You can also have a chair close to you. All these will have to stabilize you as you continue with your exercise session.

Now let’s start the exercise

All the exercises I will recommend are easy to do for seniors and they are not rigorous, yet very beneficial.

  • Lie Down and Lift Your Legs

With this kind of exercise you know you cannot fall. You are on the ground already. Gently lie down and face the ceiling. (I am assuming you are doing your exercise indoors) put your hands beside you. Then lift one leg and gently raise it to the maximum you can. Then bring it down. Repeat the same for the second leg. Then raise the two legs, if you can. But if you cannot raise the two at a time, raising them one by one is also fine.  This exercise is good to build the muscles in your abdomen. It will strengthen it. The exercise will also relieve the pressure in your back.

  • Stand Up and Raise Your Leg

Now stand up. Let’s build the muscles in your legs. This is crucial for your balance. Here you can use the wall to support yourself if it is necessary. I don’t want a senior to fall. Back to the exercise. After standing up, raise one leg. Put your entire weight on the other leg. Maintain this posture for a few seconds. Then put the leg down and repeat the exercise with the other leg. If you have difficulty standing on only one leg, you can put a leg off the ground while you let the toe of the other leg touch the ground.

  • Be on Your Toes

Another kind of exercise is to just stand on your toe. It is a great thing to do. But make sure you do it while you are close to the wall, and you are not on a slippery floor. So, don’t do it in the shower. You can stand on your toes for a few seconds. Maybe 15 to 20 minutes at a time. then repeat it several times in a day.

  • Get on Your Limbs

To further strengthen the muscles in your back, you can get down on your four limbs. Then keep one knee and the two hands on the floor while you stretch one leg. Stretch it to the maximum you can. You may also lift the leg a little. Put back the leg and repeat the exercise stretching the other leg.

  • Bend Your Knees

The last exercise I will describe is deep knee bends. You probably know how to do it. Just be careful and avoid falling. Let your back rest on the wall and gradually lower your body. Stop once your knees are bent to the maximum you can take it. Then lift one leg.

Surely, exercises will build your muscle and promote your balance. A good balance will reduce your chances of falling. But there are also some other things you can do to prevent falling or prevent your brain from injury even if you fall. Here we go.

Use a Walking Stick: If you feel you need one don’t hesitate to get it. Walking sticks, a walker, or a cane will help to support you when walking and prevent falling.

Wear Helmet: Are you going on a risky adventure and you know you might fall? Avoid it as much as possible, but if you cannot, wear a helmet. When riding a bicycle always ensure you have your helmet on. Even if you fall, your brain will be protected.

Avoid Climbing: Climbing is the major reason seniors fall. Avoid it like hell. If you must take something your hands couldn’t reach you may call for help.

Remove Obstruction From Your Home: Remove anything that can obstruct movement from your home. Things like cords can easily trip you. Put them in the right place.

Be Careful: I’m going to stop here. When you walk, be attentive and careful. Focus on where you are going and everything on the ground. Pay attention to each of your steps and stay safe.


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️