Looking to stay young even when you’re past mid-life? Your fashion style can make all the difference. You often come across a new way to maintain a youthful look. It could either be a newly formulated anti-aging serum or a supplement that everyone should be using, which can cure aging. 

However, the fact is, no one really knows if it’s possible to deliver the Fountain of Youth in a bottle since exercise, as you may be aware, is essential to maintaining healthier-looking skin. But one undeniable fact is — to look young, the solution is right in your own closet.

Dressing Young Makes You Stay Young 

BBC aired a documentary entitled Fabulous Fashionistas around 5 years ago. The program featured 6 women with a remarkable love for style, which made them appear outstandingly ageless. Each of them made fashion a way of life in a unique way, and that has kept them looking and feeling young. 

What trait did all these women share in common to maintain a youthful look? They didn’t allow conventional ideas concerning how older women are expected to dress to influence their wardrobe. As a matter of fact, “Say no to drab!” was their motto. 

When you feel young, you’ll look young. No magic sweater is out there that will make you 20 years younger when worn. However, there’s this innate joyful feeling (as if you’ve a million bucks) you experience in a new purple pantsuit, brand new shoes, or any fashion formula that works for you. 

It can be seen as your own specially built-in fountain of youth that makes you feel good and young. 

How to Find the Fashion Formula That Best Suits 

Women such as Helen Mirren and Carolina Herrera are celebs in the fashion world that manage to achieve an attractive (and even sexy) look. As for men who are fashionistas, you can check out Bill Nighy, Morgan Freeman, and Daniel Day-Lewis. 

They’re all seniors above 60 and dress as suave as ever. 

Interestingly, walking the streets of Manhattan, Rome, and Paris, you’ll come across men and women within a specific age bracket looking elegant and fashionable. 

However, the fact is everyone cannot be a Hellen Mirren or a Morgan Freeman. Each person has to look for their own unique formula for dressing “young” without stepping out of their comfort zone. 

Tips to Dress Well When in Your 60s, 70s, 80s, and Beyond 

These are some tips to help you discover your own style, feel and look younger. 

For older women, revamping your closet is the first step in your quest to look younger through style. Consider throwing away everything that makes you appear older than necessary. Such items are outlined below: 

  • Pants that have an elastic waist (those make some women look like a balloon even if they have a flat tummy) 
  • Over-sized t-shirts (only wear those when going for the “homeless” look) 
  • Anything with 3 sizes is too big (it’s not an effective solution for hiding unwanted weight as it only attracts attention) 
  • Any outdated item (the point is to use anything in vogue in the fashion world) 
  • Anything that seems frumpy, including baggie jeans, blocky jumper dresses, unstructured tops hanging from the shoulders (this tip applies for all ages)
  • Hot pants, miniskirts, and tube tops for obvious reasons 
  • Imitate fashionable women in your age bracket. Women such as Diane Sawyer, Goldie Hawn, and Helen Mirren and Carolina Herrera mentioned above all dress elegantly in styles, which can be adapted to cater to anyone’s taste. 

These are some style tips for older women inspired by these fashion icons and other seniors: 

  • Consider wearing a leather skirt as it’s a classic wardrobe item cool for any age 
  • Skirts need to be straight or A-line cuts 
  • Skirts need to fall just below knee-length 
  • Avoid shying away from lots of colors 
  • Avoid shying away from prints (bear in that you should “just say no to drab”) 
  • Consider embracing blazers and pantsuits (a blazer’s structure is really flattering for any woman) 

The tips are a bit different for older men. Let’s have a look at the recommendations: 

  • When you want to go casual, consider staying on the formal side and opt for tailored pieces such as trench coats, jackets, and fitted pants (you don’t need to wear a tie) 
  • You can never go wrong with a t-shirt (wear fitted ones, neither tight nor baggy) and straight-leg jeans (those should also neither be tight nor baggy) 
  • Layer with updated cardigans and t-shirts with flair 
  • Wear V-neck sweaters that have a button-down shirt. They’re still classically stylish at any age 
  • Shorts need to be knee-length or just above your knee 
  • Go for Chukka boots as they’re a cool alternative to “old man” white sneakers 
  • Avoid wearing the baseball cap, but opt for a fedora instead 
  • Avoid wearing floral shirts unless you want to dress up for Halloween as a 1960s-era retiree in Miami 

With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️