Being part of the baby boomer generation should be a thing of pride. But when you are going through a transition, life may be somehow hectic, if not difficult. I know how it feels. If you are like us, trying to give a new life to your career, or finding a new purpose for your life or trying hard to reduce your engagement or you suddenly become single, then you are not alone. Maybe you are among the baby boomers who have to combine being a parent with caring for parents, then you can relate to my experience. I’ve been there before. I am still going through it.

However, you should understand that passing through transition is different from passing through changes. Many people take them as the same. It is a change if it comes and goes within a short period. A change can happen within hours or a few days. But a transition is a process. Although it is usually accompanied by a change, transition usually starts long before the change occurs and it extends long after the change. So, when you chose to quit your job, the change occurs the day you quit, but transition starts when you begin to think about it, and extends to your new life after quilting. Guess you get it now.

So, if you are passing through a transition, it is a phase we call the growing season you will surely emerge stronger. But you must be both physically and emotionally prepared. Welcome yourself to your new reality. Say bye-bye to yesterday. Even though you never believe your life will change, it has, and you must admit and embrace it. Admitting it will give you the courage and motivation to embrace it. Then within a short time, you will adapt to your new normal. To help you further you can take the following steps:

Give Yourself Enough Time to Sort Things Out

At the beginning of your transition life may be difficult. Things might not work out. And you may feel like you are a failure. But be patient. Give yourself time to adapt to the new situation, and time to sort things out. Things don’t happen overnight. Don’t rush, don’t write anything off. Just remain calm and keep pushing. It is a matter of time and everything will fall in place.

Take One Step at A Time

I know you want everything done. But when things become hectic, relax. List everything you wish to do or achieve. Then take them one by one and look for a solution. Solve one problem first before you attempt to solve the other. After all, any problem solved is out of the to-do list.

Don’t Suffer in Silence

If you realize you can solve your problems alone ask for help. There is nothing wrong with seeking assistance. You may seek help from family members, friends, colleagues, and associates. You may as well approach professional bodies for assistance. There are many things we cannot do alone. A little help from a friend might just be what you need to get the motivation to continue. You remember what a catalyst is. It will activate the energy in you. So is the support given by friends.

You may also need therapy or counseling. Don’t hesitate to go for one. It is your transition time and it must be the time for you to grow. Any assistance that will help you grow should be encouraged.

Keep Yourself Occupied

Instead of being emotional, angry, or bitter, then find something to occupy yourself. That will take your mind off whatever is making you bitter. You can go for your hobby or something you are not even familiar with. Get a drum and beat it. At least, you will have the opportunity to vent all your anger on the leather. And you may as well go for what you love to do, like cooking or cleaning.

Determine to Grow

Your transition time must be your growing time, but it will be easier if you are determined to grow. So tell yourself, I mustn’t pass through all these in vain. I must learn a lesson, become better, and grow. So re-examine your transition and look for what you have learned. Check how it has changed your life. Then decide the good things you want your transition to bring. Ask yourself “how can I make the best use of my experience?”

Free Your Mind

Some things will happen that you won’t have any control over. Understand that and let it be. Rather than dwelling in it, just free your mind and have a good time. Yes, I mean it. After all, no matter what you do, the situation will not change. So do what will keep you happy. Go to the beach and have a nice time, or hang out with good friends. You can also go to the cinema, or get some movies and watch them.

Be Happy and Positive

It might not be easy, but it is the best thing to be. Be both happy and positive. You need those strong emotions to grow during your transition period.

Finally, Remember It Shall Pass

The fear or doubt about what is ahead will last only for as long as you want them to last. As soon as you accept your new life and adapt to it, all your fears will go away. So what you need to do to get yourself back to normal is to make yourself comfortable with your new lifestyle. It is your growing time and you must really grow with it.


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️