Did you know that the order in which you eat your meals will affect your health? Surprisingly, the order in which you eat your meals has an effect on your blood sugar, energy levels, and other health factors.

Who’d have guessed? It isn’t just that your mother needed you to save space in your stomach for the more appropriate foods that you should eat your dessert last.

Leaving dessert aside, you can also improve your wellbeing by consuming the foods in the main course of your meal in a specific order.


Consider the following study:


  1. Background information. The order of food was the subject of a study conducted by Weill Cornell Medical College in New York.
    • The test subjects were fed the same foods in different orders by the researchers.
    • They kept track of how the meals affected their blood sugar levels. They wanted to know if the order in which the food was consumed had an effect on these amounts.
    • The test subjects all had diabetes, but the researchers say the findings will help anyone who wants to keep their blood sugar under control.
  2. Meals are important. Bread, orange juice, ham, salad, broccoli, and dressing were included in the meals.
    • Throughout the report, the food remained consistent. Only the order in which they were consumed differed.
    • Each participant ate all of the food on their plate at each meal, ensuring that the amount of food eaten was the same for everyone.
    • After that, the researchers took each participant’s blood sugar level.
  3. The findings of the study. Participants who consumed the protein section of the meal first had lower blood sugar levels.
    • The participants in the study who ate the chicken and salad first had lower insulin and glucose levels.
    • The levels were higher in the study participants who consumed the bread and orange juice first.


Putting the Information to Use


The study’s authors hope that it will help people better understand how to plan their meals. You may begin using the study’s findings in your own meals, whether at home, at work, or in a restaurant.


It’s easy to eat things in a different order:

  • Simply start with the protein and vegetables.
  • Then eat the carbohydrates and fruits to round out your meal. While orange juice was used in the study, any drink with a high sugar content can have a similar effect on your blood sugar levels.


Combinations of foods


To get the most nutrients and calories out of your meal, mix and match the foods on your plate. You should also eat foods that do not cause the blood sugar to rise to unhealthy levels.

Protein and carbohydrates should be combined in one meal, according to researchers. This combination will help you keep your blood sugar levels in check and avoid harmful spikes.


For each meal, choose from the following options:

  • Include lean proteins and healthy fats in your diet because they are beneficial to your body.
  • Limit your intake of starchy vegetables because they can cause your blood sugar to spike.
  • Low-carbohydrate solutions can also be a part of your meals.


It’s important to assess the food on your plate before you consume it. At – meal, make sure you’ve included a variety of food groups, including protein and carbohydrates. The order in which you consume each food has a significant effect on your overall health.