Now you have retired, but you didn’t think you are bold yet. Maybe you are not. But at 65, you are certainly not young and you’ve been at more risk of almost everything than you were some twenty to 30 years ago. That is why you must be in charge of your health and your safety. I am not saying you are not safe, but seniors need to take more precautions. So, here are some basic things you can do to ensure your safety, make you healthier, and keep you happier.


Start From What You Eat

You have been eating before you get to this age, there is no doubt about that. Both now your diet is more important than it had ever been before. Many years ago you could safely eat lots of junk food, do not try it any further. What you eat now will determine your aging-associated ailments, and as you want to remain healthy, then eat only healthy food. Not only will a balanced diet provide your body with all the essential nutrients you need, but it will also prevent illness especially those associated with aging. But remember what your body needs now is different from what it needed some years ago. So, what constitutes a balanced diet for you then might no longer be balanced. At retirement age, you must eat more fibers and less sugar. That is to prevent diabetes. You must also eat a lot of whole grains and reduce your intake of salt. Excessive salt at this age might add more to your blood pressure. If you find it difficult to prepare your meal. There are many places where you can order food and give them the specification you want. You can choose a vegan meal or paleo or low carb meal, but you can also customize your need and it will be delivered to you exactly the way you want it. Luckily, most of these services will not cost you a fortune.


Exercise Regularly

You have surely known the importance of regular exercise since your youthful age. It has not changed. Even now that you are old you need it more than before. To be physically fit, you need to exercise regularly. However, you must take precautions now when you exercise. Any injury during exercise at your age might have a serious devastating effect on you. Therefore choose only exercises that will be comfortable for you and put you at no risk. Do you know that even walking is a great exercise? But that also depends on your mobility. Yoga and swimming are other exercises you may consider. You can also hire the service of an assistant or join an exercise group and participate in a group session. There are many of such available. Whichever one you choose, put safety first.


Take Safety Precautions at Home

You have always been living in your home and you feel it is perfectly safe. But what is safe for you then might present a little risk now. For instance, failing might not be anything harmful to youth, but now that you are old, you must avoid it like a plague. So, organize your home to avoid anything that can cause either minor or major accidents. Check your floor and be sure they are not slippery. If they are, replace them. Put in a walk-in shower. You can also make your home smart. Not only will a smart home improve your safety, but it will also make your life more comfortable.

Then consider employing an assistant. Not every task you were doing comfortably before is ideal for you now at your age. You can hire someone to mow your garden or clean your floor. I understand this will come at a regular cost to you, but you can still get good services at a low cost. So look around you and consider hiring someone living close to you to assist in the strenuous task. Just ensure his bill is still within your budget.


Consider Medicare Advantage

One of those things that remind you of your age is an invitation to Medicare plans. As it is meant only for seniors, once you have taken up a plan, you know you are now a senior. But before you choose a Medicare plan, consider all your options very well. In most cases, you can only alter your Medicare plan once in a year, therefore, choose a plan that is best for you right from the onset.

Are you on basic Medicare? If so remember it doesn’t cover prescription drugs. Therefore you must also sign up for Medicare plan D. alternatively,  you may go for an advantage plan. Medicare Advantage covers everything in the basic Medicare it also includes Medicare plan D which cares for prescription drugs. However, everything depends on your need. If you think you will be spending a significant amount of money on prescription drugs then you must choose a health insurance policy that covers that aspect. Also, do not just assume that your medications are properly covered in your insurance plan. Get clarity. Ask and be certain. Go through the coverage of every Medicare plan available in your area before you decide. At your age, medication is an important factor and you won’t want to deny yourself what is essential for your body because of a little mistake in your insurance choice.


Keep Yourself Busy

Retirement will change your lifestyle completely and you might not be used to your new routine. If you feel you are idle and not comfortable then you may start a business. Statistics show that over 25% of start-up businesses were created by retirees. So if you can think of what to do with your free time and engage yourself. Remember that will also mean employing yourself, so you will earn income while you will be overcoming your boredom. The overall effect is that once again you can enjoy the thrill of having a job, feel fulfilled, and be happy.


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️