Not many people have witnessed a pandemic before. Therefore, it is not surprising that many find it difficult to adapt to a new way of living. The new normal isn’t normal for most of us. A few months ago, we had all our freedom. We can go anywhere we like at any time. Hug our loved ones, shake hands, and be free with ourselves and our neighbors. Suddenly, all of that changed. A common handshake becomes dreadful, hugging is forbidden. Our movement suddenly becomes limited and we need to classify our activities and needs as essential and non-essential. If it is non-essential, then it can wait till forever. Even things that had always been essential to us suddenly become non-essential. For instance, schooling becomes non-essential, and our kids have to learn online. Our daily work becomes non-essential, and many lose their jobs. Those with jobs couldn’t go to work as usual. Many things have to be done online. That is the new normal.

But even in a time like this, you can find happiness. If it is going to last for just a few days or a few weeks you can think of enduring it and coping with it. But Covid 19 has been here for a year now and it is not going anytime soon. So, you can do better than coping with it. You can be productive during Covid 19 era and do things that will really make you happy. The following tips can help you.


You Can Do Almost Everything Online


While the impression is that this time is meant only for things that really matter. It might be stressful to let some of our desires wait. They don’t have to. Today technology has really helped us and you can do almost everything you wish to do online. Are you thinking of buying a house or doing a course? Don’t postpone it till the virus finally disappeared, nobody knows when that is going to be. Check online for what you want and you will be surprised that it is available. With the 3D technology, you can inspect different homes and buy the one that satisfies your appetite most. You can have a medical check-up online, join an exercise session online, enroll online for a course or virtual training. You can also send kisses and hugs to your loved ones through the internet. Although Covid 19 can separate you physically from people that really matter to you, it must not separate you emotionally from them.

Occupy Yourself


No matter the kind of job you do, the odds are you will be working for a lesser hour now. Many retirees are now completely retired from almost all activities. You won’t be attending functions as you used to do before, and you will be getting a lesser number of visitors. That might make life boring. But even worse, it may have a negative effect on your mental health. So, don’t retire from all your activities. Try to see a way of occupying yourself. Your best option is still the internet. Therefore, think about what you can do online to occupy yourself and help the world. If you love writing, you can start blogging and share your ideas with your readers. You can create more awareness on a course you believe in through the internet. You can also start a Facebook fundraiser. Another option is to look for an organization that needs an online volunteer. There are many of them and you can gladly volunteer your services. It will not only keep you occupied and healthier, it will also be beneficial to your community.  

Build a Career


If you volunteer, you won’t get paid. That may be fine if money is not a problem for you. But Covid 19 has seriously affected many people’s finances. If you are among them and you desperately need a source of income, don’t like the pandemic limit, you can still grow your career despite the situation in the country. You can even build a new career entirely.

At this time, the best job to look for is the one you can do online. Luckily, there are lots of them. If you don’t want to work for any organization, there are equally many freelance jobs available online. One of the most common is freelance writing. You can also do freelance editing and proofreading. If you are good at graphic design, there is a huge demand for online freelance graphic designers. Even if you are not good at it, and you are interested in it you can easily learn it online. There are jobs online for freelance accountants, customer service agents, and administrative assistants. You can also work as an online teacher or a life skill trainer. The list is endless and it is never too late to build your career.

Develop More Hobbies


If the pandemic has made you stay at home for more hours, then consider it as an opportunity to develop more hobbies. There are many things you can do as hobbies while you stay at home. You can develop your painting skills or sewing. You can go into gardening, even if you don’t have a yard to plant vegetables. Remember you can always practice indoor gardening, and keep your fruits and veggies in pots. As that will keep your environment healthy it will also ensure you have fresh fruits and veggies to eat. That is another way to stay healthy. You can even make money from selling some of your garden’s products.

You can choose to make exercise a hobby. Not only will it keep you occupied and happy, but it will also keep you physically fit. We all know the benefits of regular exercise. Luckily, there are many online exercise classes you can join.

The list of possible hobbies is endless and this challenging period might just present you the opportunity you have been waiting to try your hands on some activities you have been dreaming of. So, grab it.


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️