If you are the baby boomers, you are most likely to be in your midlife. To many people, this time of their life is very challenging. You have passed that stage you are anxious to take on the world. You have seen many of your dreams fulfilled, you’ve seen many shattered. You have given up on many. You have built a reputation and you have faced challenges. It appears you have become what you are going to become. But are you really satisfied with that woman you have become? Are you fine with the job you are doing? Do you find happiness and fulfillment in life? If you are, I am happy for you, but if you are not, don’t give up yet, you can still find happiness, even in midlife.

If you are not happy with your present life but keep enduring, the question is, for how long can you endure? Is there any hope in sight? Are you waiting for a miracle to happen? You must be in charge of your life. The best thing you can be in this life is to be happy. Hence you must do everything to find it. The following basic steps will help you find happiness if you follow them vividly.

Discover Yourself

Evaluate your Life. That is where everything should begin. Stand in front of a mirror, so you can see yourself better. But see yourself beyond what appears in the mirror. Be truthful to yourself but don’t be judgemental. Be your own friend and best companion. What do I want to make me happy, ask aloud. What do I need to get rid of in my life? Also, ask aloud. Go look for a paper and pen. List your strengths and weaknesses. List things that make you happy and the ones that made you sad. Write down your goals, and everything you wish to achieve. Write down where you wish to see yourself the following year, in the next five years, and the next ten years. Now, you know what you really want in life.

Get Into Action

Make a plan on how to achieve your goal and stick to it. Make it simple and realistic. Let it be a step by step to happiness. Take one step at a time but every day. Don’t delay, don’t procrastinate, don’t wait for the perfect time. Start with whatever you can start with now, as long as it is going to take you to your goals. Do it every day.

 If you want to study, start saving for the tuition fees, start gathering admission information. If you need to learn a better trade or prefer a new job, take steps towards it. Search for it every day until you have got it. Looking for love? Go for it. Go to where you can see the type of partner you desire.

Are you thinking of relocating? Then don’t drag your foot, take a step towards it. If exercise is part of what you think will keep you happy. Make it a routine. You can join an online group or participate in a community project. Just make sure you are happy.

You don’t have to start everything at once, start from wherever you can start, but make it consistent and progressive. After achieving one step, go to the next. After completing one milestone, start another.

Build on Your Achievements

Once you start achieving your aim don’t stop. But keep appreciating what you have achieved. Celebrate yourself and remain focused. Build on your achievement. Surround yourself with like minds. Make friends with people that can build you, encourage you, motivate you, and assist you. You may get a life coach, a counselor, or a mentor. Get clarity where you are confused. Let people who have similar interests as you share with you their experiences. With all these, it will be easier to keep going forward, and you will soon find great happiness in your new passion.

Assess Yourself

It’s time for another self-evaluation. Now assess yourself and your achievement so far. Are you progressing? Are you getting happier? Look at everything that is happening around you and identify those that are helping you and those that are distracting you. Don’t get carried away by distractions. At the least ignore them. Focus on things that are helping you and look for ways of maximizing their benefits. Do this self-assessment from time to time.

Be Happy

This is where we are coming. I guess that is the reason for everything you are doing. In all, make sure you focus only on things that make you happy. Discover it and do it every day. What service can you render to the public that will be beneficial and make you happy? Start rendering it. Don’t isolate yourself, interact with good people. Live life and enjoy it to the fullest. It is all about you.


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️