Many things can lead to stress in our daily life. It could be our job, situations surrounding us, the economy, or someone who has upset us. Life happens. Some other things are even more difficult to bear than just calling them stress. They can bring negative thoughts and depression. But you can overcome, even quicker than you think. The following steps can help you recover speedily from stress and all forms of depression.

  • Think of the Good Side of Life

Surely, your life would not have been without some positive aspect. So think about those good things and encourage yourself with your success. You can even make a list of the good things in your life and around you. If someone is making you angry, list the positive aspect of the person, and focus on it. With that, you will easily let go of the negative part.

  • Encourage Yourself

Don’t just stay there stressing about something that has gone wrong. Whether it happened by your fault or not doesn’t matter. Tell yourself “that one has gone and it is not the end of the world. Next time, I will be better”. Forgive yourself for your mistake and tell yourself anyone can do it. “I’ve learned my lesson.”

  • Meditate

If you couldn’t let it go then meditate over it. You can also pray if you believe in prayer. To meditate make sure you are alone and it is quiet. Sit down and close your eyes. Relax completely. Breathe deeply, hold, and then breathe out. Do this repeatedly. You may count one to five while you hold before you breathe out. Meditation will take your mind off your problem and shift your focus to something else. It will give you perfect relaxation and train you to be calm even when things are difficult.

  • Get Something Healthy to eat

At that time you are troubled and you need energy. So go look for something to eat, but ensure it is healthy. Fruits and nuts will be just perfect. There might be a temptation for sugary drinks, but it is safer to avoid them. Also, avoid cookies.

  • Walk Away

I don’t mean you should walk away from your trouble. I mean you should take a walk away from your home or office. Go get the sun, exercise your joints, and get fresh air. Many people have found solace in walking when they are stressed. It is a great exercise and a good way to forget your worries. Just walk and observe the environment.

  • Relax Outdoors

Don’t lock yourself in when you are feeling bitter, stressed, angry, or depressed. Go outdoors and observe the environment. Watch the birds and the reptiles. Look at the sun, the garden, or the kids playing joyfully. In the end, you will realize that life is beautiful.

  • Exercise

You can take your mind away from whatever worry you have by going for an exercise. Exercise will also help to give you a good posture. But more importantly, it will relax your muscles, and put you in a better position to start your day in a great way.

  • Listen to Music

Don’t tell me music is not your thing. Everyone enjoys music. You can distract yourself with your favorite music when life challenges come. Just put on the music and sing along. If you can also dance to it, that would be better. Play the music loud, sing aloud, dance carelessly. They are all good ways to forget your sorrow.

  • Read Books

Even if you are not a book lover, stressful times might be a good opportunity to learn the habit. Search for books on how to be happy and read them. You can also read to take your mind off your problems and keep yourself busy. So, a romance novel, suspense, or “How To” books can all be great.

  • Just Laugh

Laughing and smiling have a lot of effects on managing stress. That has been scientifically proven. Your laughter doesn’t have to be real. Even if you fake it, it will still release the hormones you need to relieve you of your stress. Fake smiles are better than none. So whether you are happy or not, just laugh.

  • Reach Out to Your Loved Ones

When you are depressed think about people that are important in your life and reach out to them. Don’t stay alone in difficult times. Even if you are isolating you can still connect with them on the phone. You can make a video call, send emails, or chat on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other messengers.

  • Manage Your Reaction

Sometimes we feel better and full of hatred because of what someone has done to us. But we may be surprised that our own reaction to the situation is more responsible for our stress than what was done to us. So, manage your reaction. When someone hurts you, don’t hate the person. Rather, forgive, show compassion, and even pray for those who have hurt you. That will relieve you of the stress and make you understand that you are actually a good person. You can also send good wishes to the person, you never can tell, it may improve the relationship.

  • Get Busy

Look at the task you ought to have completed but couldn’t. then start doing them. Don’t let your situation overwhelm you. Do something productive. It is not necessary that it must be a big task or a difficult one. In fact, you must go for a little and simple task. Maybe you need to call someone or wash the dishes. Start doing it now and put your mind away from your troubles.

  • Be Helpful

Do you know that being of help to others also lifts our morale? You can get better with yourself by assisting other people. You can also assist your community. So you can participate in a community development program or donate to charity. If you know someone who is passing through a difficult time, try to assist. Even when you see strangers, greet them well. As you help others, you are helping yourself.

  • Show Love and Affection

If it is safe to hug, then hug someone. If you are isolating or the pandemic does not permit, of course, stay safe. But when you know you can safely hug members of your household, then go ahead. Not only does hugging let the other persons realize you love them, but it also keeps you happy that you are showing love and affection. One of the best ways to put stress, worry, and negative thoughts aside is to love someone and show the person you do.


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️