It’s time to discuss fashion! I thought today would be a perfect time to share some fashion tips you can follow as a woman above 50. 

Sometime ago, I went to a charity luncheon, which involved over 100 women. I was among the co-chairs and was asked to present a speech. For some days before the event, I contemplated “what I should wear”. That sounds familiar. Doesn’t it?

I elected to dress in all white and chose a white silk blouse, a white pantsuit, in addition to light grey & white speckled platform pumps. Gold was my choice of jewelry. 

To add the only color to “my look”, I opted for a thin red-strapped watch, with the frames of my glasses mainly all white with black arms. That’s my own style, the same I have adopted all the way back to my college days. Let’s look at the topic I’ll be discussing today.

My Current Fashion Ideas

Today, I’m a 21st-century grandma that has more than twenty good-looking grandkids that call me Grandma. My husband is an exciting man that uses red-framed glasses and loves taking me shopping. Can anyone get luckier than this?! 

But shopping isn’t a free-for-all activity! As I chose what I would wear for this luncheon, what I would like to avoid in fashion came to mind, and I decided to share them with you all! I do hope these fashion tips I’ll be giving will interest you.

Fashion Tips for Women above 50

Sneakers: Those are cool for working out, and nothing more. 

Multiple or bland colors: I prefer monochromatic clothing that has a pop of color in my shoes, my jewelry, my handbags, and my striking glasses. One of my girlfriends, who is French and lives in Paris, prefers wearing a light grey, pinstriped suit with a pink handbag and pink heels! I also copy that style of hers. Try it; be daring. As an aside: I avoid taupe and beige.

Long skirts: One of my girlfriends has an attractive figure and a sassy personality. And her style is simply long skirts, but that makes her 10 years older. This style looks old-fashioned and also hides her sass and shape.

Old-fashioned hairstyles: Avoid overly styled hairdos, and consider wearing your hair in layers and any length that you wish. With subtle highlights in front, your face gets brightened. I feel grey hair does look modern, sexy, and beautiful. Get a grey enhancer and wear it very short or long.

Boring glasses: Try to have some fun with your glasses, and take risks. I do tint the glass in my black frames blue and also ensure my lenses are matching with the color of my other frames. But I always ensure my eyes show. Glasses are an accessory, which adds a beautiful look to your style.

Unkempt eyebrows. Did you know that eyebrows grow thin as we age? I make use of a powder with a brush for darkening my brows, and I also use the service of an eyebrow specialist for a tint and an arch. You can also give microblading a try.

Anything apart from white teeth: Teeth can become yellow naturally as we get older. If you’re facing this kind of issue, consult your dentist concerning whitening options to make your smile bright. You can also purchase over-the-counter whitening products. According to the adage states, “a beautiful smile is worth a thousand words.”

Bras with poorly fittings: Visit a professional fitter in a private shop or a department store. Avoid wearing a bra that doesn’t fit. If you follow this tip, you’ll see how differently you’ll look!

Beige or nude hosiery: They’re outdated, but I wear them for some occasions. Rather, consider making use of fishnet nude hose or spray-on tanner in the summer. In the winter, use opaque stockings.

The trends in vogue: Avoid dressing in the latest trends for the mere sake of it. That’s not a good reason to purchase something. I remember the period that the empire waistline style was in vogue. Then, I was very young and knew it was unbecoming of me. However, I didn’t get enticed into buying clothes simply because they were trendy. Dress for you and your specific body type. If it’s well-fitting for you, it will appear a lot more expensive than the latest trend, which does little or nothing for your body type.

Avoid excessive make-up: Heavy eyeliner, thick foundation, and bright blush make you look older. Get rid of them. During the day, I make use of a tinted moisturizer with color and a light bronzer for blush. Also, due to my greenish-blue eyes, I wear shades of lavender and navy blue eyeliner. I use a white eye pencil for placing a dot in the corner of each eye as I discovered it opens the eye, and it actually does so. As regards lips, I found out that for women above 50, it’s advisable to make use of soft pinks and mauves. But I prefer not to do this, so I use color. My favorite brand is Sisley Paris.


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️