My grandchildren that I call the “Grands,” live all over America.

I cannot make them feel overwhelmed with kisses. I can’t wipe away a tear either. This was the way it was long before COVID-19 struck at the beginning of this year.

It’s difficult as I can’t solve any urgent problem or be part of their immediate joys since I’m not involved in their daily lives. Because of this, I am sad about the circumstances in which I live.

What must a Grandmother do when faced with this dilemma?

My only conciliation is that I know that I am loved very much, and my grandkids know that they’re also very much loved in return.

At the time my first grandson was born, I set out to influence his life consistently. I aimed to share my gentleness of spirit with him. I wanted to strengthen the values of family and life and understand all kinds of needs, and I wanted to share with him how to arise from a place of love in every situation.

At an early stage, I instinctively recognized the best gift I could entrust to my grandchildren. I knew this because they’re the most significant gifts left to me by my parents and Grandmother.

What’s the Only True Gift You Can Give Your Grandchildren?

It isn’t about what you leave your grandchildren with when you’re gone (assets), but what you pass on to them in their minds — your morals and life experiences.

As at the birth of my first grandchild, mileage separation wasn’t an issue, and it never even occurred to me because my family resides a few blocks apart in our Honolulu homes.

Sadly, life plays all sorts of tricks. Widowhood, moving from Honolulu to Chicago, a new husband, the marriage of my daughter, my husband’s kids and grandchildren getting married, some of the Grands going off to college across America — all of this turned out to be both wonderful and sad. I lost ‘physical contact’ with my whole family.

Obviously, I felt despair and still do, but even then, I resigned myself to the fact that what is just is. The key was keeping my focus on being the most active Grandmother from a distance.

Grandparenthood from a Distance

I played my role as a grandmother from a distance with text messages; making use of rainbows, XOs, colorful hearts, flowers, thumbs-up, etc. emoji.

I use Facebook, send an email, call, Zoom with some, and sometimes I send little gifts by mail. That’s my obligation. However, I must admit that I sometimes forget! I’ll wake up at midnight with this empty feeling in my stomach and pick up my iPhone to shoot them a brief text with an emoji!

Twenty-six grandkids later, I am a “treasure” for them in the most real sense of the word. We are connected with each other. I observe that a few of them have my characters, make use of my words, and digest my thoughts.

I’m very proud of my achievements, from a distance, with every one of my grandkids. My ambition is to build a loving and trusting relationship and to pass on my spiritual gift. Hence, I share lessons in love and values with my Grands through my stories and words. I hope that they’ll carry these lessons with them throughout their lives.

Don’t Wait, Share Your Stories!

I’ve given those of you in the same circumstances as me some food for thought.

Share your stories; write/text, make phone calls, and Zoom, and whenever you send a note or a little gift in the mail, stamp it with a kiss in your own way!

Try something nice today: Learn to tweet, text, Facebook, and email to  remain connected with your Grands in ways that are suitable for them.


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️