Maybe you’ve heard people talking about what they would have done if not for fear. I guess it applies to every one of us. I ponder how my life would have been if I am fearless and daring. I would have certainly tried my hands on millions of things. Maybe I would have traveled around the world, from Miami to Philadelphia. Maybe I would have gone skiing on the mountain or scuba diving in the ocean. And I might have had a cow or a garden of orchids. But fears keep us away from many things. Many interesting but dangerous things we would have loved so much to do.

In My Imagination

Well, it might not be fear that had kept me away from adventure. Probably they are actually risky. Maybe I couldn’t have done them anyway. Could I truly travel across the United States? Maybe, maybe not. But can I go to the mountain to ski or to the ocean to dive? I don’t imagine myself going there. I would rather stay on the ground, in my cozy apartment. That’s your style. That’s the kind of thing you love. And about the herd of cows, I cannot imagine myself raising them. Is that fear? I don’t think so, It is not just my thing. Then, what are your things? I asked myself.

So, I imagine different things, different scenarios, but they all lead me to the same thing. I wasn’t doing some things, not because I didn’t want to do them, but because I was scared they won’t work for me. So, how can we overcome fear? How do we spend our lives, the way we wish?

Things You Can Do to Keep You Happy in Times Like This

  1. The world is sick and no one is spared. We are all passing through a difficult time, so focus on things that will be easy and convenient for you to do without posing any risk to well being or even mood. Think of watching a movie series or trying your hand on a new digital game.
  2. Change your diet. Wait! Don’t get me wrong. Reduce those carbohydrates and fats. Try fruits and veggies. They are good for your health.
  3. Don’t isolate yourself from family and friends. You need them now more than ever before. Be in constant contact with all the people that matter to you. Call them regularly, make voice calls, conference calls, and video calls. Let them know you care. Keep them happy, and you will be happy also
  4. This is an era of social distancing, but that does not mean you must isolate yourself absolutely. Meet your friends at the park but don’t forget to maintain social distance. Play together at a distance, it might turn out to be full of fun.
  5. Be considerate and aware of people’s moods. Everyone is hurt now, many people are upset. So choose your words carefully. Say nice things to people, you will love the way they will react to you, and when you keep people happy, you will also be happy.
  6. Have fun, enjoy life, do things that make you happy. Involve in any activity that will keep you happy without harming you or harming any other people.
  7. Turn every situation into a blessing. Look at the circumstances surrounding you and make the best out of it. If you are in isolation, think about those things you can do best when you are alone. Now is the time to do them.
  8. Finally, I will go back to where I start from. Do not be afraid. Go ahead with your life. Do what you wanna do. Rest assured that things will eventually turn out good. Don’t be scared to be happy. That is what life is all about.
  9. Make a plan. Think about what you wish to do and plan how to do it.

Now I can help you with how to make your plan work.

How to Make Your Plans Work

Now you’ve made your plan, but that is not enough, you must also ensure it works out the way you want it. But even before you make your plan work, you must first start. So here are things to do to get started.

List your talents. You surely know your skills, strength, and ability. It would be best if you write them down on paper. Then write next on the same paper things that you have done in not too long past that really made you happy. List all those things that looked so great to you and you wish to experience them again. Now scale up the action. Think about how you can repeat the great events and also make them even greater. Also, check your ability and see if you have the potential for such action.

Here comes the fear factor. Don’t underrate your ability, but don’t overrate yourself as well. That is where you need the first list. Go ahead with everything you have the ability for. Life is all about daring.

With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️