As we age, our joints often start to ache. This is because the natural lubricant in our joints becomes depleted or because of too much stress on the joint. Devil’s claw root has been used for centuries as a remedy for joint pain and arthritis, making it one of nature’s most effective remedies for this condition. The plant may be taken orally or applied topically to ease inflammation and swelling caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, among other conditions. It can also help with mobility issues associated with these ailments.

The use of devil’s claw root as a medicine to cure any ailment can be traced back to Medieval times. It is recorded that the plant was used by knights who had been injured in combat and nursed themselves back to health with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Medieval monks would particularly make use of the roots, either as a poultice for wounds or as a powder mixed into drinks to help them stay healthy despite sleeping on hard, cold floors through their rituals. The use of devil’s claw root spread from there, eventually becoming popular throughout Europe and North America as an herbal medicine, especially among those suffering from joint pain caused by disorders such as arthritis.

In modern times, devil’s claw root has been established as an effective treatment against joint pains through numerous clinical studies conducted in the past two decades.

What Does Science Say About Devil’s Root Claw?

One such study was conducted by the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex in 2012. The findings, published in the medical journal “Brain”, showed that devil’s claw root had a relaxing effect on muscles surrounding the joints; this was attributed to an amino acid called valerenic acid which is found in devil’s claw root and is also responsible for causing drowsiness when one uses herbal remedies containing devil’s claw root.

Another advantage of using devil’s claw root as a supplement against joint pains is its lack of side effects when consumed orally over extended periods; there are no known cases of any adverse reactions or complications resulting from prolonged or overdose of devil’s claw root.

The popularity of devil’s claw root as a natural treatment for joint pains has also led to its increased availability in pharmacies and herbal stores all over the country.

For those who prefer a more natural approach, dried offshoots of the root can be prepared by boiling them for half an hour before grinding into a powder – this powder then functions exactly like supplement pills but with the additional benefit that it is free from additives and chemicals present in commercially-produced supplements.

How Does Devil’s Claw Root Work?

Devil’s claw root comes from a type of shrub that can be found in the Kalahari Desert. The plant bears fruit only every few years, making it difficult to cultivate. It is also known by several other names depending on the region where it is being harvested, including leopard’s claw, leopard plant, lubanot des dames, barbasco, and gewürzgurkenbaum .

These are considered poisonous plants, so they should not be abused and should only be taken under medical supervision (more on this later).

The root itself is the main medicinal part of the plant, as it contains a potent cocktail of vitamins C and E as well as selenium. It is known to have antioxidant properties, which means that it can help fight off free radicals from cells in the body. In turn, this reduces oxidative stress and thus helps reduce inflammation within bones and joints.

People who suffer from arthritis often have excessive buildup of uric acid crystals in their joints which leads to swelling and pain. The high vitamin content in devil’s claw root assists greatly with managing these symptoms by aiding other antioxidants already present naturally in the body’s system.


How To Use Devil’s Claw Root For Osteoarthritis?

First of all, it’s good to know that devil’s claw root can be used in various ways. These include capsules, tablets, powder, liquid extract, and topically. It is usually taken orally or rubbed directly on the skin depending on the condition being treated.

For arthritis pain relief, devil’s claw root is often taken in supplement form for about six weeks to see some improvement. The effects are not immediate since this plant works gradually by reducing inflammation over time rather than just providing a quick fix. However, some people do experience relief after just a couple of days while others may take several months before seeing the complete results.

Devil’s claw root can also be consumed as part of one’s diet through preparations made from its leaves and roots which can be made as a tea. This is one of the ways the Kalahari bushmen used to take it before it was discovered by Western science.


How Much Does Devil’s Claw Root Cost?

Devil’s claw root supplements are fairly common and can be found in any local health store or online. Depending on where you buy from, prices can vary depending on how much product you will receive. A good supplement should not cost more than $100 per jar that contains 60 capsules. Bear in mind that there are also fake products being sold so always purchase from a trusted source for your own safety and to ensure you get the real deal.



In sum, devil’s claw root is a highly effective herbal remedy for people who suffer from arthritis and other forms of rheumatism. It has also been noted that it can prevent calcium deposits from accumulating in joints, which are commonly found among the elderly who have not been taking this supplement regularly.

While devil’s claw root is generally safe to use when taken correctly under medical supervision, there are cases when people have experienced negative side effects after consuming too much in a short period of time. The bushmen in Africa were able to take the herb in excess without any problems so if you want to try eating more than three times daily for an extended period, consider consulting with your doctor first to be on the safe side.

As always, do check online reviews before purchasing devil’s claw root supplements since they are not all created equal especially when it comes to effectiveness. Even though it can be used to treat various conditions, some brands are better than others so do not hesitate to ask for recommendations before making your purchase.

Finally, always remember that natural remedies may take time before you see results but they are generally safer than conventional medicines which often have serious side-effects. If painkillers continue to affect your liver or cause other types of damage then perhaps it is time to try something gentler yet equally effective!

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