Welcome to the best years of your life! This period is the time to focus on yourself. Self-care and wellness go together. If you practice self-care regularly, you’ll feel happy and healthy for lots of years to come. However, when you’re above 50 years, self-care might seem a bit different than it was 30 years ago.

The present time is perfect for getting knowledge of everything you need and practicing them daily. Self-care for your well-being in your 50s and above consists of eating a clean diet, resting a lot, and setting limits, so your needs don’t get left behind like they have in the past. Let’s jump into the primary self-care practices.

Eat Clean

You’ve likely been on a diet for most of your adult life. But strict dieting and giving up the good things in life doesn’t mean you’ll get to your 90s. Eating clean means consuming healthy, nutritious foods, meaning you won’t have to diet, count your calories, take supplements, or do regular cleansing.

Eating clean is a great way to look after yourself, provided that it doesn’t involve torturing yourself over a little pleasure. You feel more energetic and happier when you eat clean. You’ll get glowing skin and probably lose a few pounds without having to stress with a diet. Here’s everything you need to do to start with a clean diet:

  • Keep away from processed foods
  • Steer clear of sugar
  • Take lots of vegetables, fresh fruits, and healthy fats
  • Try eating only grass-fed beef, mercury-free fish, and lean protein
  • Consume fermented foods with high levels of probiotics such as sauerkraut, pickles, and plain yogurt
  • Drink plenty of water

Depending on your location, it might be difficult to eat clean during the winter period. What’s more, you’re showered with holiday treats, and it’s also more challenging to get hold of fresh produce. But there are many great vegetables and fruits available all year round. Some winter products such as brussels-sprouts, pumpkins, kale, and carrots are easy to find at the farmers’ market in your area.


Although simple exercise and physical activity are of utmost importance, rest is high on the list of great self-care practices. If you have sleep problems, natural remedies are an excellent way to promote sleep without affecting your wellness.

Essential oils, for example, lavender and bedtime yoga, can help put you in a sleepy mood. Apply a small amount on your pillow when it’s time to sleep at night and leave out the sleeping pills. Prescribed or over-the-counter sleeping pills can provide short-term relief from your troubles, but you can become hooked on them. It will be beneficial to your general health and well-being if you find natural sleep substitutes.

Are you aware that some carbs can assist you in getting a good night’s sleep? Yes, carbs obtained from healthy whole-grains can contribute to your clean diet and other wellness targets. You don’t want to call it a night with a full stomach, but consuming carbs containing tryptophan for dinner can put you in a relaxed mood and set for bed. Tryptophan is a chemical in turkey that makes you so tired after Thanksgiving dinner, but it can also be found in quinoa and brown rice.

Setting Limits

Eating clean and adequate rest is vital for the well-being of those above 50 and beyond. However, as a woman who has probably spent the majority of her life taking care of others, suddenly setting boundaries in life can be difficult. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to self-care and wellness.

At this phase of your life, it’s essential to put your wellness first. Whether in the family or at work, setting boundaries ensures that you continue to feel like you’ve taken care of your duties while you keep looking after yourself.

Achieving this could be like having an honest conversation with your family about the things you can and can’t sort out for them, or deciding on a strict working time and making a commitment to stick to them. If someone overlaps a limit and demands more than you can give, never forget that it’s not wrong to say no.

Commit to making self-care a vital part of your healthcare system

You start a new and exhilarating episode in life. For a lot of people, these are the years we anticipate. In order to be able to enjoy them to the fullest, you should pay attention to self-care and wellness by eating correctly, having a lot of rest and setting limits.

With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️