Wish you were someone else? You are not alone, every one of us thinks like that sometimes. It may be out of jealousy, it might be out of admiration. But you don’t have to be someone else, in fact, you can’t be any other person. So be yourself, that’s the only person you can be.

Although, I understand how difficult it is for some women to be fine with who they are. But here are motivations that will make you appreciate who you are and what you possess.

Consider The Technology Behind a Selfie

Not a long time ago, you couldn’t take your picture yourself, you would need someone to do it for you. In those days, remember how you would pose and call on a friend to help you out. Most of the time, you wouldn’t love what they would take. It is simply because nobody can fully understand exactly what you want. You would complain of the picture angle, your posture when the picture was taking, and all the stuff,

But today we have selfies. You don’t need anyone to help you take your own pictures. You set the camera at the angle of your choice and you will see yourself exactly the way you wish to be. That is the power of the selfie.

Another good thing about this innovation is that your phone is mobile. You take it everywhere you go. So anywhere and at any time, you can do whatever you like on your cell phone. That is a kind of freedom we didn’t have before.

The Modern Search Tools

Today, we can search for our ancestors and the root of our origins. That was quite impossible a few decades ago. Ask me why it is that important. Well, it depends on what you value. But while I traced my origin, I discovered one of my grandmothers was a brave woman. She was among those who crossed from Europe to the United states during the time of war and poverty. She didn’t come to the States alone, but with three small girls. It was a hectic and dangerous journey, but she made it. She made it to the United States with all the three girls. That was heroic. And that I share her DNA made me proud. I can boldly say I am from a great woman.

With modern search tools like ancestry.com and other similar tools, we can search for our relatives, and be searched by them. Many people had met family members in this way. I am among them. Through the search tools, I have discovered many cousins of mine, I wouldn’t have met. We have talked on the phone and in other media. we had shared our stories. It adds more to our values as human beings and social creatures. We’ve got families; we didn’t just drop from the sky.

Don’t Compromise Your Self-Esteem

It’s good to talk selfies and see how you look. It is excellent to search for your roots and ancestors. But it is important to recognize who you are at present. Identify your strength, skills, and ability. Believe in yourself. Trust your ability. You’ve got potential and skills. You are important, so never compromise your self-esteem.

Of course, you are not perfect, but that is nothing to worry about. Nobody is. Don’t worry too much about your weaknesses. Think more about your strength. Derive pleasure in what you did and not regrets for what you didn’t do.

So, search for yourself and you will see those good things you have done. They may look small or common, but don’t ignore them. They should be your pride. They should be your source of self-esteem, your self-enchantment.

The Importance of Self-Esteem

The last thing I will discuss is the importance of self-esteem. In a simple way, it is simply you rating yourself high. Remember, the way you rate yourself will go a long way in the way others will rate you, why?

If you lack self-esteem. If you didn’t see anything good in yourself, then you will limit yourself. It will affect your confidence and what you do. People will notice this and also rate you based on your activities. But if you believe you are great, you will act great. You will be confident, and it won’t take a long time before people see this in you.

If you believe in yourself and recognize your value, you will find it easy to associate with others, to render assistance, and maintain relationships.

So self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-enchantment are all important in our daily lives. We are of great value, so we take good care of ourselves. We must maintain a healthy lifestyle so that we can stay fit. You must eat the right way, act right, be friendly to all, and render help as much as you can. That is what makes us human. If you do, it will boost your morale, your ego, and your self –enchantment. But most importantly, it will make you enjoy life to the fullest. It will keep you happy.


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️