If you travel frequently, massage can make your journeys less mentally and physically taxing. Try these suggestions to enjoy more comfort in planes, trains, and automobiles.


Massage Techniques for Traveling by Car


Traffic jams and near-collisions make commuting stressful. It’s easy for tension to build up in your shoulders, back, and jaw. Driving while drowsy poses a risk too.


These simple steps provide relief:


  1. Take frequent breaks. On a long drive, pulling over for regular breaks beats guzzling black coffee. Get out and walk around. Raise your arms over your head. Roll your neck and shoulders. Use your opposite hand to rub your shoulders, back, neck, and head with circular strokes.

  2. Rub your fingers. Hold your left hand in your right palm. Use the fingers on your right hand to stroke your left-hand fingers lengthwise from the knuckles down to the wrist.

  3. Wake yourself up. Use the back of your hands to pat yourself beneath your chin. Tap your fingertips lightly and swiftly all across your face.

  4. Sit correctly. Sit up with cushions supporting the middle of your back and your feet pointed straight ahead. Hold the steering wheel in the middle with a relaxed grip. Adjust your car mirrors so you can look out without twisting.

Massage Techniques for Traveling by Plane or Train


You’re bound to feel creaky when you’re stuck in a cramped position for hours. On planes, dry air and changing air pressure aggravate headaches and stiffness.



Protect your health and peace of mind:


  1. Keep moving. Walk the aisles if possible. Do foot exercises while you’re seated. Slide your feet back and forth. Take your shoes off and press your heels into the floor. Then, lift your toes.

  2. Use your neck cushion. Put an inflated neck cushion under your feet and walk on it. Give your thighs and buttocks a workout by squeezing them between your feet.

  3. Massage your lower legs. Avoid blood clots by boosting circulation in your lower legs. Knead your kneecaps with your palms in clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Tap the length of your thighs with the base of your hands.

  4. Unblock your ears. Release pressure by moving your fingers in circles on the skin in front of your ears just above your jaw. Yawning and chewing gum helps too.


Additional Suggestions


  1. Book a massage before and after your trip. Treat yourself to a massage before you leave and after you arrive at your destination. Ask your regular massage practitioner for recommendations. Many airports now provide a variety of spa services.

  2. Carry beads. Soak wooden beads in a soothing essential oil like lavender for about 5 hours. String them into a bracelet. Inhale the fragrance whenever you need to relax.

  3. Prevent motion sickness. Press a finger down on the middle of your inner wrist about an inch and a half below the top crease. Hold for 20 seconds.

  4. Treat jet lag. Reset your body clock and banish insomnia or fatigue. If you need to stay up, rub your head and go out for a walk. To get to sleep faster, take a warm bath. Close your eyes and run your palms gently up your face from your nose to your hairline.

  5. Soak your feet. Your feet carry a heavy load standing in lines and running across airports. Soak them in a cool bath. Rise on your toes. Rotate your ankles. Dry off and stroke your feet to warm them up.



Take the headache out of traveling. A relaxing massage will help you get your business trip or vacation off on the right foot.