As you get older, your hair changes. And now that you have decided to embrace the gray and are seeking ways to maintain your natural gray hair, you need to use only tested and proven techniques to care for it. 

In this post, we offer you a number of effective tips for optimizing the look and feel of your hair strands.

Read on to learn about the shampoos, masks, conditioners, and accessories recommended by experts to tame and nourish gray hair.

How Gray Hair Develops

Before we dive deeper into ways to make sure your gray hair stays hydrated and well-conditioned, let’s take a look at how the hair turns gray in the first place. 

When you know why this happens, it helps you understand how to care for the hair and how to ensure it looks vibrant at all times.

As hair gets older, it experiences pigment loss — a process that eventually makes it go gray and/or white. As this goes on, your hair follicles produce less oil, which results in the hair growing drier. 

When that happens, it shows more sensitivity to ultraviolet (UV) rays and related external factors, which could make your graying hair to actually have a tarnished and yellowish appearance.

Choose the correct Shampoo

To take care of your grays properly, you need to start with cleansing — using shampoo. Gray hairs are often dry. For this reason, ensure whichever shampoo you want to make use of is the super-moisturizing type. 

Don’t use products with ingredients such as mineral oils, parabens, alcohols, and sulfates. These can cause further damage to your hair. Instead, buy those that contain castor oil, scalp reviving charcoal, and vitamin E. 

Such shampoos will help nourish your hair and make it look brighter and feel smoother.

Apart from that, it’s crucial to routinely use a clarifying shampoo because as products accumulate, they can bring about undesirable changes in the graying hair’s look and feel. 

If you have whiter hair, you may also notice that it has become soft and flat. Use volumizing shampoos to address this issue. 

Opt for Clear Styling Products

Product accumulation can cause yellowing or brassy tones. Also, it can make your hair feel less than smooth. Go for clear products to prevent this issue. 

For instance, many dry shampoos have a gold tint to them, and once you notice this in the option you’re using, exchange it with a silver-specific or clear one.

You can protect your baby grays from getting tinted from sun exposure by including UV protection in your hair care routine. You can choose a hair mist, a styling product, or leave-in conditioner, so long it contains some SPF. 

Apply Deep Conditioner

When we muse about our hair drying out, what usually comes to mind is conditioning and ways to have as much moisture into it as quickly as we can. However, it’s crucial to be patient. 

At-home deep conditioning is among the simpler techniques for achieving more hydration. You can start with one or two times in a month, and increase it to once in a week if you feel that’s necessary. 

If you’re still trying to cope with dry hair, consider using a daily leave-in conditioner as it can help lock in moisture. 

Lastly, if everything you have tried fails, call your stylist to schedule a hair repair treatment at the salon. With this procedure, you can realize that goal and focus on maintaining the moisture rather than building it.

Purple shampoo and conditioner are an effective combo for several gray-stylists. This helps eliminate any tarnishing from the above-mentioned products from the strands and ensures your grays maintain a cool tone. 

It also helps in restoring shine, softening coarse hair, and giving the strands a radiant silvery gloss. If you’re also facing the issue of dryness mentioned earlier, you can solve 2 problems with one solution by trying a purple hair mask.

Embracing the gray is a process that can be fascinating and quite glamorous when it’s done the right way. Once you’ve found a surefire way to protect and repair, you have nothing to be afraid of.


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️