We’re not immortal — however, there are some techniques we can use to promote a fulfilling and longer life. Growing old gracefully requires a little care and commitment, but the result can greatly improve your life’s value for a long time. I’ve outlined some important ways in which an empowered woman can lead a longer and nicer life.

Healthy Use of Technology 

It isn’t easy to imagine what our lives would be like without the technology we use every day, considering the fact that we didn’t grow up with them.

From the online streaming of movies to relating with friends through social media and smartphones, a whole new technological world is available that we can explore during the later parts of our lives.

While these new kinds of digital devices offer a lot of excitement, spending too much time on the screen can have a detrimental effect on our health specifically to our eyes and skin. It can damage the retina and weaken our skin over time. 

A pair of reliable blue-light glasses can protect the eyes from these rays and is most important before sleep time because the blue light interferes with the body’s natural sleep cycle. Since vision problems tend to get worse with age, there can be lasting effects when we incorporate little habits like these into our technology application. 

Establishing intentions regarding the use of screen time and realistic limits have physical benefits. It also creates extra time to pay attention to other hobbies. 

Especially with the additional time spent at home because of social distancing, it’s easy to fall into excessive digital device usage. Take time to think about other activities that can be mentally motivating — but keep in mind that we all need TV time as well.

Maintain a Positive Mindset

You’ve most likely heard about the saying that laughter makes you live longer. But did you know that there’s some truth behind that statement? As a matter of fact, a study from Norway discovered women faced a 48% lower risk of dying from all causes when they got high scores for the cognitive aspect of humor.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean we must laugh at all we hear, it does offer some outlook on how our mental health is a factor in aging gracefully. For every one of us, maintaining a positive mindset will look different as we age, but getting beneficial coping mechanisms when issues come up in our life can help us cope better with challenges or problems.

In the same vein, surrounding ourselves with people, items, places that bring us happiness also contributes to staying positive. Having supporters to encourage the achievement of our goals, be it personal, physical, or career-related, is also a great motivation source. 

A great place to begin a more positive life is with the daily practice of gratitude. Thinking about what we value in our daily life can help put things into perspective.

Put an End to Bad Habits

Every one of us has flaws, and as we get older, we sometimes feel as if we’re stuck in our habits or behaviors from the past. But eliminating negative habits is something we can carry out at any age.

It’s easy to spot some vices, such as smoking or a sedentary lifestyle, and the way in which we can combat such behavior is usually easier to identify. However, what about the bad habits we don’t even know we’re exhibiting?

Many women may find that they put the needs of others before theirs. Although it’s an admirable quality and importance in relationships to give something back to others, we must not forget that our own needs and desires are equally important. 

It might appear selfish to make ourselves a top priority, but investing in ourselves can make us better versions and ultimately supply us with enough energy to give back to others. Since many bad habits can develop when we suppress our own needs or over-stretch coping mechanisms, it is a good idea to dig deeper into anything that might hinder your potential.

We all do our best to live longer. If we do this in both beauty and health, the years can be more rewarding. Take these components into account as you age, and you may be surprised at the additional level of fulfillment you can achieve with them.

What are you doing to achieve a better, healthier lifestyle? Let’s know in the comment section below.


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️