I’m shaped like an apple. Being an apple implies that the greater part of your fat is stored in your stomach, which makes you more prone to strokes and cardiac arrests. 

Nowadays, you can’t pass by a checkout point without seeing magazine headings intentionally positioned at eye level that promises to obliterate your tummy fat. Similar “remedies” appear on the Internet, television, or can be heard on the radio.

Has it ever come to your attention that a considerable number of individuals who claim to know the solution to belly fat are either under 40 years old, are men, or had been under the knife.

Apologies, Jane, we know you’ve had a little help. Gastric bypass, liposuction, and tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) are excruciating and risky medical procedures. 

They can only be done when absolutely necessary. I endured two natural child labors, and I couldn’t take any more pain than that. 

It’s uncommon that a lady above 40 hasn’t encountered some hormonal disorder. 

You might not be a raving lunatic or perspiring through hot flashes, but in a subtle way, your hormones aren’t exactly in tune. 

It’s disturbing when our bodies change from hot figures into massive babushkas. We feel ugly, unwanted, and sometimes depressed.

Doctors are quickly issuing hormone substitution medications to fix the issue. 

Other health specialists advertise herbal enhancements that might not have been ultimately tried. 

A significant number of these supposed fixes end up being costly or causing reactions.

Until my late 40’s I was considerably slim. Then my stomach began to extend gradually. If you have the shape of an apple, it isn’t uncommon to be asked when the baby is coming. 

A portion of my fat worked its way up and gave me a cleavage that I never had.

My body transformed from a young lady with a slim boyish figure into a stout stocky matron — a transformation that seems to have occurred within a blink of an eye.

Marketers Only Need Your Money and Deliver Little Outcomes

The issue with the majority of this abdominal fat weight control plan you see being showcased all at once is that they work for a short time, but not in the long run.  

This is particularly true if you are with other people who unintentionally disrupt your endeavors at any chance they get.

My beau likes to return home with creamy dips, big meat platters, or foot-long submarine sandwiches from the market. At that point, he entices me with them.

I always thought having little kids, who go to birthday parties all the time, was awful enough. 

In any case, I could go around pursuing them and move a little.

Abdominal fat diets might place you in “danger Will Robinson.”

Every-body is unique. Cleansing juice diet rather than proper meals, invigorating dietary supplements that advance rapid weight reduction frequently have health-damaging side effects. 

The most secure approach to losing stomach fat is a balanced diet that doesn’t require you to give up food groups. 

Stay away from processed foods; look out for shrouded sugars; maintain fluid intake; practice portion-control; and exercise modestly. 

When you’ve gained abdominal fat, consider putting your focus on moderate, consistent weight reduction, as this is more effective over the long haul, it’s infuriating. Still, if you’re tenacious and strong-minded, you’ll succeed.

Avoid weight reduction gurus or multi-level sales reps, peddling miracle cures. 

They mainly hunt those of us who are 50 years and more seasoned. These thugs make millions of dollars by selling us snake oil, which is costly, ineffective, and potentially dangerous.

I love the ads where a lady is searching for an exercise package. 

She buys fitness equipment, tries to work out in front of the TV, looks stunned at the green drink she has just mixed, leaves a pole dancing class, and in the end, chooses to toss everything and take a walk. 

 After wasting a lot to be in shape, she does what is most natural for people. 

She strolls using her two feet. It doesn’t cost her anything and ensures better outcomes.

Engage in Stress Reduction Practice 

If you usually eat a healthy diet, pay attention to the size you take, and work out, but still have a fat belly, the odds are that you’re stressed. Stress makes our body produce cortisol as a mechanism for survival. 

This activates other physiological systems that keep your body working. Shockingly, it restricts the body’s capacity to burn fat. 

This original survival strategy shields you from wild animals, hunger, and other frightening circumstances.

“We also found that women with greater abdominal fat had more negative mood swings and higher levels of life stress,” said Elissa S. Epel, Ph.D., lead researcher of the study, which she conducted while at Yale’s department of psychology. “Greater exposure to life stress or psychological vulnerability to stress may explain their enhanced cortisol reactivity. In turn, their cortisol exposure may have led them to accumulate greater abdominal fat.”

If stress is the problem, try some of the following suggestions to help you relax.

  1. Yoga
  2. Walking
  3. Dancing
  4. Meditation
  5. Massage
  6. Stretching
  7. Writing – try a gratitude journal
  8. Singing
  9. Pampering
  10. Golf
  11. Fishing
  12. Hiking
  13. Drink soothing tea
  14. Play with a pet
  15. Listen to jazz or a classical concert
  16. Playing an instrument
  17. Sex. With the right partner, it tends to be unwinding.  With the inappropriate partner, possibly not really.

If you understand why you’ve developed abdominal fat after middle age, it is easier to work on it. 

Regardless of enormous advertising aimed at it, a curative treatment that works magically doesn’t exist!


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️