A Coaching by Randi Levin says, “Transformation is not about erasing who you have been. Instead, it is about building upon that masterpiece that is YOU by editing out what is stale and replacing it with what aligns now.” 

That’s precisely what I have done. I transformed my life at the mid mark, and so can you. It’s no coincidence that I decided to become a transformation coach in my 50s! So, I have a wealth of strategies and life steps that will enable our 50+ audience to hold on to and create their own legacy. Then recreate it! 

Here’s a selection of some useful tools and a DIY action step to get started with.

  • Revise Your Comfort Zone

Everything that has happened up to this point has transpired in your personal-gated community. This community serves as your comfort zone. Transfer your thoughts from “leaving your comfort zone” and towards the abyss of the unknown.

You should rather think of pushing the limits of your comfort zone beyond that community. So, instead of giving up on everything you’ve ever known, you expand your comfort zone.

Transformation isn’t about wiping out who you’ve been. Instead, it’s about building on the masterpiece that YOU are by cutting out what’s stale and replacing it with what’s aligning now. Do you see the fine-tuning?

  • Take a New Path

When in mid-life, the difference is that you now have historyPlease take advantage of this history and let it work for you. 

What have you enjoyed doing that you’d love to do a lot more? What would you do if it was ten years ago? What has an engaged life stopped you from researching? Guess what? You can now explore, and this exploration should enable you to break new ground where before there were no paths. 

If your legacy is your instrument of power, how can you shape today so that you consistently lead a life reflecting who you are NOW? A new path links the space between your tales of yesterday, your hopes of tomorrow, and your experiences of today.

  • Clear The Decks on Fear: 

Here’s a great do-it-yourself exercise to develop self-esteem and steer you in the right direction. Honestly, when you refuse to step into the next phase of your life, then something is stopping, and that thing is fear. 

Much is said about being fearless in life. Even though that sounds astonishing, more than likely, it won’t become a reality. What’s a fact is that rather than being fearless, you should fear “less.” Here’s how you can shape the moment with a little less fear and a little more self-confidence:

Take 10-15 minutes, put down every tales you tell yourself. You know, the role that goes through your head when you try to fall asleep at night. All the justifications, the limitations, the reasons for your hesitation. Everything put them down. 

Loudly read them out in front of a mirror.  Now read them aloud again. What did it sound like to say your apologies and restrictions out loud? Take a minute and do a body scan. How are you feeling? What drops on you? Where’s your energy?

Now, rewrite the same stories “as if” you actually had what you needed. Rewrite them from a mindset of abundance.

Here’s an example: If I’m not good enough to start my own business is on the original list you wrote, now you’ll replace it with “I am smart and good enough to establish my own business.” Initially, if you wrote, I lack the skills to do this…then replace that with I’ve got the skills or I’ll develop the skills to do this. 

Basically, you’re creating affirmative statements based on the negative thoughts occurring in your head. 

Here’s the power punch: Over the next 66 days, you’ll develop a new habit using your rewritten statements. You will free yourself from your fears and break through the noise that keeps you from the life you want. For 66 days right in front of your mirror, you’ll read aloud all of your rewritten stories and excuses. These new statements become your new standard.         


            If you say you’re, you believe you’re.

            If you believe you’re, you’re.

It starts with your words, flies away with your mindset, and increases your energies so that what you want most is what you actually want to manifest and attract. Try it! Let me know where your life and thoughts are going now!

With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️