When you’re older, it’s perfectly normal to consider how you can lead a fulfilled life to enable you to leave a legacy after your demise. You may have held a particular position for years at your workplace, are retired, or just getting ready for retirement. 

You may have had to reinvent yourself many times and never chosen a specific thing and persevered until it becomes successful. Or maybe you even committed a significant portion of your time caring for others. 

Fortunately, you still have years ahead to live. This isn’t the time for sitting in the lounge like Beetlejuice. 

You should instead grab your new-found opportunity with both hands and enjoy freedom from your activity, children, or guardians. Relish the time you have left. I decide to be a life connoisseur

Ask yourself these questions to live your purpose: 

  • What do you consider most important to you, beyond anything? 
  • What pursuit or activity puts a smile on your face? 
  • What activity gave you the happiest moments as a very young person that you’d love to do once more? 
  • What area of your previous career did you derive the most remarkable accomplishment from and would like to keep doing?
  • Apart from money and prestige, what else are you missing in your life that will evoke a more contented feeling and give you more joy?
  • What skill do you enjoy doing, and you’re very good at it?
  • What kind of activities thrills, inspires, and challenges you?
  • What’s that thing you do that results in you feeling innovative and enthused?
  • What special skill are you good at, but you’ve set it aside in the past, and you’d like to perfect it?
  • Is there something on your bucket list you have to do before you can’t do it anymore?
  • What’s that thing you’ve been procrastinating on, but you really want to do?
  • How do you think you can change the world for the better, which will provide you with the most joy and satisfaction?
  • In what way do you wish to be remembered by people once you’re gone?

It’s best to put down the questions and answers in a special notebook. Unlike printing and typing, writing in longhand has something that links you earnestly with your mind. Writing down your responses is like searching your brain to determine how to achieve your goals and fulfill your purpose.

Next, think about how you want to achieve your goals

In modern times, we enjoy longer and healthier lives than ever before. There isn’t any excuse to be on the sidelines and watch the world pass us by. Retirement is just the starting point of a whole new episode in your life.

The saddest thing you can do is to allow time to pass you by performing mediocre tasks thoughtlessly or being overly content.

You may think that you need a lot of money to pursue your passions and fulfill your purpose. But you don’t. You can be content no matter the amount of cash you have. 

Do not cling to things you don’t need. Reduce and make your life simpler to enable you to concentrate on the most important thing to you.

Feelings of guilt can also prevent you from accomplishing your full capability.  Most, especially women, feel they have to put other people before themselves, thereby becoming a martyr. Making time for yourself is essential, even if it’s an hour per day to concentrate on what matters to you. Then act. 

It’s easy to overwork yourself and then question why your life is turning out different from what you want. Part of my ambition is to tour the globe. I spoke with another blogger who constantly travels, often at the invitation of a sponsor. 

I inquired from him how he was able to accomplish that. His reply was you’ve got to write about it. As soon as you start noting it down and sharing what you wish to do, it will draw the attention of those who help make it a reality.

Establish a clear target to live your goals and work toward achieving them without giving any room for distractions. You might discover that you will have to let go of some activities that don’t oblige your purpose.

In summary:

  • Give answers to the above questions in longhand and allow your hands to put down the answers freely.
  • Reduce and make your life simpler, enabling you to concentrate on working to achieve your goals to live your dreams.
  • Don’t ever feel any guilt about it.

Become a life connoisseur; consider living your purpose; and realize your full potential.


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️