Being a baby boomer means we have spent some decades on this planet. Even if we might not have seen it all, we have definitely witnessed a lot. We must have passed through a time of bliss as well as a time of sorrow. We would have achieved a lot, and have seen a lot of our dreams shattered. We would have made friends and lost loved ones. Despite all these, the pandemic of 2020 is still a rude shock to most of us and we have all the reasons to feel its impact.

Certainly, 2020 wouldn’t be the first year we are losing a loved one or witnessing economic challenges. However, it was undoubtedly a difficult year for our nation and most of us. We witness job loss, closure of businesses, and tragically severe loss of lives. Notwithstanding, there are vital points we shouldn’t ignore.

We overcome – It is a difficult year but we overcome the challenges. If we are still here, it means we survived the pandemic and whatever it brought with it. We may not have been where we wish to be. We might have lost jobs, businesses, or money. We might have lost loved ones. But we survived the year and we have a chance to keep on fighting.

We have got new priorities. At the beginning of the year, our fear was how the pandemic will affect our jobs and businesses. But witnessing people dying every day, many people shifted concern from loss of jobs to loss of lives. Today, we knew that there are many things that are more important than jobs, money, and finances. Many people go to church during Christmas to give thanks for being alive. They may have lost their means of livelihood both still believed that they are better than many. Now we know how to value little things that we have and appreciate the gift of life.

We valued our family and friends the more. Because we see them every day we might have thought they are of no significance to us. But when we had to stay at home and had little access to family and friends, we realized how special they are. Now we could only relate with them on the phone, emails, and social media. Those excitements when we heard the voice of close friends or family members on the phone let us understand how much we had missed them and how important they were. The year 2020 has taught us to appreciate our loved ones, to appreciate their presence, and the roles they play in our lives.

We learned how to relieve our worries with fun. We must go out with masks. While that reminded us of the terrible situation in our nation we had also learned how to make jokes out of it. Many times we bought masks that made us look funny, happy, and crazy. And when we stayed at home doing nothing, we had time for some crazy activities

We’ve got the excuses we want to stay away. The pandemic gave us the opportunity to stay at home and avoided many events we wouldn’t want to attend in the first place. Now that Covid 19 had happened, you wouldn’t expect me at your party. It is a good excuse that wouldn’t come with enmity.

We can do without fashion. Some of us cut our hair. On many occasions, we didn’t apply our make-ups. Most of those things didn’t seem to matter so much to us again. After all, what is the need to apply make-up and still cover them with masks?

It will soon end. We know the end of the pandemic is near. We have got the solution already, it is just about distributing it. Some have received the vaccine, some are receiving and it will soon get to the rest of us. Although it might still take months, we will get there. So now we are full of hope and joy, and we have learned that there is no problem without a solution. Every difficult moment always has an end.

Finally, it is over. The pandemic might not have been over yet, but 2020 is over. That is something to be happy about. The year started as if it is not going to end. It appeared at the beginning as if we will all perish with it. But 2020 is over and we are still standing. Now it will be 2021 and it will be a new year, a new beginning. It will be a new opportunity to fight again for everything we value. Even though everything 2020 caused will always remain in our memory, now is the time to look forward to every good thing we expect from a new year.


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️