Are you feeling frazzled and distracted? Do you multitask regularly and are not getting enough sleep? If so, you’re probably not doing enough to ensure your brain works as efficiently as possible. 

If you’re keen about staying sharp and clear-headed as you get older, it’s crucial to prioritize taking proper care of your brain. Since accumulation of toxins is linked to cognitive decline, detoxifying is essential.

The design of the brain enables it to detoxify itself. But over time, this procedure could become less efficient. The brain could also get overwhelmed by the high amount of toxins coming from your diet and the environment. 

Fortunately, there are recommended methods you can use to support your brain’s detoxification process, which could increase your Brainspan. 


What’s Brainspan All about?  

Your lifespan — as you already know — tells you how long you’re expected to live. 

The number of years you’ll live in sound health is your healthspan, while the brainspan is the number of years you’re expected to live in sound health with the healthiest brain possible.

Just as you try to keep tabs on certain numbers like your blood pressure, weight, blood sugar level, and cholesterol, you also need to know how well your brain is working. 

We don’t often put enough focus on the brain. Yet, it’s responsible for controlling the heart, gut and all the other organs in the body. 

In “Brainspanners”, the author outlines an action plan to achieve optimal brain health based on lifestyle, diet, and brain-boosting nutrients. In the book, you’ll find the author’s interviews with a number of brain health specialists in the world. 

Such experts include Doctors Mehmet Oz, Bill Sears, Andrew Weil, Julian Bailes, Daniel Amen, and Dale Bredesen.

How to support your brain’s self-detoxification process

Here are some efficient methods for supporting your brain’s detox process: 

  • Make sure you always get enough sleep: The brain carries out most of its detox process when in deep and non-REM sleep. During this period, the spaces between the brain cells get bigger, allowing accumulated waste to be flushed away. But this process can’t take place during waking hours.
  • Take Glyteine supplement to support your glutathione levels: The most important detoxification molecule in the body is glutathione. It’s responsible for cleaning up the harmful chemicals and metabolic byproducts, which constitute a danger to the human brain. The body produces this antioxidant. However, some people are more efficient than others at producing it, depending on genetics and other factors. Other people can’t get it to enter the cells. Also, our ability to make glutathione reduces as we get older. According to research, a new compound, known as Glyteine, which is now sold over the counter as Continual-G drink mix, helps in raising the cellular levels of glutathione significantly within 1 or 2 hours. 
  • Take plenty of vitamin B9 (also called folate): Folate isn’t only recommended to be taken during pregnancy. It performs key roles in the brain and central nervous system. This vitamin also takes part in cellular detoxification. You can get it in fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly leafy green vegetables, nuts, and several fortified foods.

To ensure your brain’s health is sound and optimal, it’s essential to keep your body safe from toxins lurking everywhere. 


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️