If you’re grappling the issue of frequent neck pain or headaches, you’re not alone. More people are dealing with such problems than you’re probably aware of, as our society is experiencing a poor posture epidemic. 

As you go through this guide right now, check how your posture is. 

If you’re sitting up straight, and your shoulders back and your head are resting at eye level, kudos to you. However, if you’re like several people out there, your head could be slanted forward, your back slightly curved, your head tilted down, or your shoulders a bit rounded.

Today, the problem of poor posture is on the increase among many people. And it could be associated with our overuse and over-reliance on mobile phones and laptops. Have you come across the term text neck

It was coined by Dr. DL Fishman, an American chiropractor, in 2018 for describing repetitive strain injuries experienced in the neck region, which have increased as a result of technology (smartphones, tabs, laptops). 

On average, the human head weight stands at 12 pounds, but when tilted at a 600 angle (to take a look down at your smartphone), the weight will rise to 60 pounds. 

A lot of people aren’t even aware of their poor posture and find it surprising to discover just how many problems poor posture can cause. Typical ones include back pain, neck pain, tight muscles as well as headaches. 

The spine has to maintain proper alignment. If it isn’t, muscles and tendons will be strained as they try to make up for the misalignment. 

With time, this issue can cause chronic pain, tightness, soreness, and/or spinal misalignment. 

Apart from that, other health issues can arise from continual poor posture, like poor circulation, digestion problems, decreased lung function, and others.

So what’s the way out? When you notice symptoms that could be associated with poor posture, it’s recommended to talk to your doctor. He/she will suggest ways to deal with the issue, depending on your specific posture concerns. 

Based on severity, your doctor could recommend a couple of physical therapy sessions, where a therapist will take you through various stretches and exercises for incorporating into your daily routine in a bid to adjust and maintain better posture.

Apart from that, also consider taking a look at your sleeping position as poor posture isn’t just something that takes place in the day-time. It’s essential that you ensure your spine stays properly aligned while sleeping. 

You can achieve this by ensuring you’re making use of the right mattress and pillow (and bearing in mind what kind of sleeper you are, whether back, side, or stomach).

For people facing issues such as neck pain and headaches, get a proper pillow as that will make all the difference. If the pillow you’re using is too low or too high, your neck will be misaligned when you’re sleeping. 

Also, if it’s too firm or too soft, you’ll face the same problem. 

Finding a pillow that has exactly the right height and support can be difficult. A millet pillow or buckwheat pillow might be your best bet because they come with the unique benefit of adjustability. 

The options are filled with millet and buckwheat hulls. You can also add more or remove filling for customizing the pillow to the most suitable height and firmness. 

These pillows are long-lasting, with a long shelf-life as well. Thus, you won’t need to get a new one nearly as often as other pillow types.

However, if your mattress is way too plush or firm, it won’t make any difference having the perfect pillow. The most suitable mattress allows a nice sleeping posture, ensuring your spine is aligned properly. Your spine will be a bit curved up or down if your mattress is too firm or soft. 

This can cause muscle and tendon strain as well as restless nights. If you’re the kind of person who sleeps with a partner or spouse, you may find that the same mattress doesn’t work most suitably for the two of you, so ensure you get a mattress, which can be adjusted on each side. 

Also, be sure your mattress and pillow are a nice fit since that will help you enjoy a better night’s sleep.


With Gratitude and Love
Dewvy ❤️