Following are few fruits that are known to provide body with nutrients that result in a good sleep:
1. Grapes – Known to bring in sleep and are naturally sweet. A good choice to fade out the night-time sweet craving.

2. Watermelon – One of the best fruits before bed. It’s a water-rich fruit, so makes you feel fuller. They’re also pretty low in calories, so you won’t add in much, particularly if you’re looking for weight loss.

3. Sweet berries – A good night-time snack option. Loaded with fibre and anti-oxidants, berries make a satisfying choice before bed time.

4. Pears – Makes a good night-time snack.

5. Milk – Not a fruit but good old milk always help to curb cravings for food before bed time. Make sure NOT to load the milk with sugars, fruit syrup and definitely not any cereals.

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