Lemon water is a good source of vitamin C; hence drinking it regularly will improve your heart condition, reduce blood pressure, and promote healthier skin. Vitamin C intake also helps in digestion and in reducing body weight. However, lemon water is acidic, and if you take too much of it, the consequences may be more severe than the benefit. Therefore if you enjoy drinking lemon water, note the following danger that you may be exposed to.

Dental Problem

Human teeth consist majorly of the crown and the enamel. While the crown is strong, the enamel can easily be attacked and eroded by acidic fluid-like lemon water. If you observe your teeth getting yellow or being sensitive to a hot or cold drink, then your enamel might be experiencing a cutting attack. Tooth pain is another symptom of enamel decay. You should also suspect this condition if your tongue feels rough when you run it on your teeth. One of the first things to do in any of this situation is to stop drinking lemon water.


It Can Also Cause Cavity

Cavity is common among many Americans. It is caused by bacteria, and they need sugar or excrete acid to cause havoc. Therefore, lemon water shouldn’t promote this dental condition. Still, if you add sugar to your lemon water, or drink lemon concentrate rather than juice, then your mouth condition will be just right for a cavity to develop, and if you have it already, it will make it worse.


Lemon Water Might Not Be Friendly With Your Stomach

Being acidic, you should know that lemon water may not be friendly to your stomach. Acidic food and drink can lead to gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), which consequently can cause heartburn and nausea in its mild form. However, not everybody will have a problem with lemon water irrespective of the quantity drunk. But if you have stomach issues like ulcers or GERD, then don’t go near lemon water.


Be Careful of Lemon Rinds

If you drink lemon water with the lemon rinds inside it, you may be risking infections from contaminants like E.coli. Researchers believe that organisms contaminate up to 70% of lemon rind you can encounter in restaurants. Although this has nothing to do with lemon water itself, drinking lemon water exposes you to these rinds avoiding the water will equally protect you against this harmful contamination. Therefore, it is suggested that you drink lemon water without rinds. If you prefer the rinds in your water, then drink it at home and be sure that you wash the rinds thoroughly.


Lemon Water may Make Migraine Worse

Being acidic, lemon water has been attributed to migraines. Many research link citrus to this condition. However, studies also show that this may only affect a group of people and not the entire population. Therefore, you may be lucky not to be among the group that may react to lemon water. However, if you suffer migraines, it will be advisable to do away with citrus water.


Lemon Juice Can Exacerbate Mouth Ulcer

Lemon Juice doesn’t cause mouth ulcers, but it can make it worse. It has been confirmed that acidic substances are the worst enemies of ulcer and mouth ulcer is not an exception. If you have a mouth ulcer, then don’t go near lemon juice.

However, lemon juice has many benefits as long as you keep to the right quantity.


Uses of Lemon Juice

The health benefits of lemon juice had been know for centuries. The Indians nicknamed it promoter of gastric fire and used it in Ayurvedic medicine for treating stomach disorder. Also, the ancient roman kingdom relied on lemon juice for neutralizing poison. Even before then, ancient Egypt has been using the citric compound for treating a variety of diseases. In recent times, lemon in hot water is believed to give energy and hydration that mountain climber can rely on for the long journey up the mountain. The juice is known to lower blood pressure, prevent skin and cardiovascular diseases, aid digestion, and supports weight loss.




Lemon juice tastes great and gives fresh breath. It is rich in vitamin C, hence has many health benefits. However, drinking too much of it may attack your teeth’ enamel and lead to the problem. It may also make the cavity worsen. Because lemon water is acidic, it may cause stomach upset; hence people with stomach ulcers are advised to avoid it. Again, those suffering from mouth ulcer must also do away with the acidic juice.

There is an uncertain result about lemon juice’s role in causing or exacerbating migraines, but many people complained of migraines after drinking excess lemon juice. Hence people with chronic headaches are advised to avoid the juice. Furthermore, drinking lemon juice with the rind inside may expose one to diseases caused by rind contamination. Hence it is better to drink the juice without submerging the rind or ensuring the rinds are adequately rinsed before dipping them.


With Gratitude and Love
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